Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2011 - FO 11

Sorry I havent blogged lately but I have been adjusting to my new routine with work, and other things thrown into the mix.  Work is keeping me busy but I have still managed to keep knitting.  This little cardigan is for my god-daughter (sorry for the dark photo as it was getting late).  I managed to sew the buttons on before I took it to her but she was in her pyjamas so no photo shoot as yet.  I adjusted a pattern that had bobbles on the edgings and moss stitch.  I just knitted 14 rows of single rib instead and added some pink and navy ribbon to the front bands.  I think it turned out very cute and Chelsea's mum absolutely loved it declaring it to be worn to kinder tomorrow.  I used some more Dazzle acrylic yarn as it knits up so nice and soft.  I only used 1.5 balls for a size 4 cardigan which I think was great.  Now I just need to finish the hood on her next winter jacket and the bands and I will have another one finished for winter.  I have been listening to podcasts whilst I knit so I think it is helping me knit faster as I dont get distracted by the tv.  Some of my favourite podcasts at the moment are:

1.  Knitmore Girls, Gigi and Jasmin are a mother/daughter podcast and I really enjoy their show.
2.  The Knitwits, husband and wife team.  Very funny at times.
3.  Sticks and String, an australian podcaster - David Reidy.  I quite like his essays.
4.  Knitajourney, Susan who interviews other podcasters.  I really enjoy her show.
5.  Stitch It - I quite like this one too.
6.  KIPing It Real - Jackie's show is great.

I also watched a few episodes of the Knitgirlls who have a video cast.  I like seeing what they make and all their goodies that they receive or purchase too.  There are some others that I have been watching and listening to as well but I havent got my list in front of me, but they are definately great to listen to whilst knitting!

Other news:  I am going to be an auntie again around December so it is very exciting.  Isabelle is hoping another girl will be added to our family!  Also Paul's cousin had a baby girl yesterday so another cutie pie to knit for.  Thankfully the baby gift basket needs emptying at the moment to make room for some more so it should be easy to wrap up some super cute pressies.

Thank you all too so much for your well wishes for my health.  I appreciated every comment from you but have been busy trying to keep up with work and routines for Isabelle's after school activities and other things.  Paul and I went to Ballarat on Monday and the verdict is that my gall bladder needs to come out so I dont have any more attacks.  I have spoken to people who have had them out and I dont think mine was as severe as they had even though it was quite painful.  I had an infection but I definately dont want an attack so I am on the waiting list for the next 6 to 12 months to have surgery.  Okay I think that covers everything for the time being and hopefully very soon I will be able to show off some more knitting!


2paw said...

It must be a relief to know what is wrong and now on the waiting list: it's a waiting game!! You must be feeling OK because you've made a lovely cardigan and I think the ribbons are a cute addition!!

Kate said...

So great to hear from you Sue!
I'm glad you are getting lots of knitting done as well as working. Thanks heaps for that podcast list. I might have to work my way through it at some stage.
And huge congrats on all the babies in your life. I wish one of my sisters would have a baby so I could be an auntie.

Kate said...

Gorgeous Cardi! I am glad you are on the list and hope you can have it out soon.

Tanya said...

thanks for the podcast links Sue, I will have a listen

Becks said...

Lovely to see you back Sue.
Hope your op comes soon and smoothly. The cardi is very cute, I'm sure lots of knitting is a good way to relax the mind just now.
Blessings to you and yours.

Thimbleanna said...

It's good to see you back and I'm glad they've figured out what's wrong with you. The little sweater is adorable. And how lucky you are -- lots of new babies to knit for!

Anonymous said...

glad to hear you are ok and knitting away. i had my GB out a few years ago, the attacks werent particularly pleasant but no infections, they took it out very quickly tho. no problems, never regretted it. i hope you get yours seen to in a timely fashion and stay well in the meantime.

Lynne said...

Cute cardigan - it looks like my favourite colour (purple) - one can never be quite sure with cameras and monitors.

Glad you have a diagnosis - it helps to know there is a reason for your pain.

Take care.

Gillian said...

So glad to hear that you are feeling better now and that the medics have diagnosed something manageable. I hope you get to surgery soon.
Cheers Gillian

bec said...

I knew you were alive, but just busy liuke us all! I've been flat out too, working full time this week, and lots of sewing for people, blog post half done and not blogged. Hopefully there's a knit and bitch in the school hols? Otherwise maybe a play day with us and the kiddies? Still haven't finished the knitted pants....

Knitting Nix said...

I suffer with my gallbladder too, but decided not to have the op yet. It can be controlled with a low fat diet in the most part. If you need anymore information, give me a shout, happy to help :) Love the cardi btw.

Anonymous said...

Lovely cardigan. Glad you are feeling a little better and are keeping busy.
Hope the wait won't be to long.

Ann said...

Thanks for sharing the list of podcasts. I like listen to them too while I am spinning.

Oiyi said...

Hope you get to have your surgery soon. Best wishes and get well soon. It must be so hard to be sick, but at least you now know what is wrong.

lily said...

Hi Sue, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment, sorry to hear you need an op, hope all goes well for you and you feel much better soon.
Love the little cardi, very pretty with the ribbon trim.
lily x

PlumStitches said...

Very sweet sweater. My fingers are crossed for you on moving up the waiting list. I'm sure it's a relief to have figured out what's been causing you so much discomfort.