Sunday, July 31, 2011

2011 - FO 24

In between some knitting projects I have been knitting up premmie hats with leftover sock yarns and some 4 ply yarns.  I have 14 so far and hopefully by the end of the year this number will be higher.  I think they look so cute in all the different colors.  I just have to decide where to donate them too as little babies everywhere probably need them.  I found the pattern via ravelry which is the one that some people on podcasters have been knitting up which is a nice simple pattern. 

My other knitting is still plugging along....  Paul's jumper is nearly up to the armholes (picture needs to be taken), the 3rd budgie sweater is just about to the armholes, and I have finally finished Isabelle's henhouse sweater.  It just needs some buttons to be sewn onto it and hopefully it will be a perfect fit with a little bit of room.  My nephew's sweater just needs a neckband and some buttons and the Oli Woo sweater needs to be sewn up and a loop made for some buttons on the front.  That is about it for now.  I have been watching podcasts today and have been inspired to start knitting socks again and since I have a rather large stash of sock yarn it might be nice to knit some more, maybe even for Christmas which is quickly approaching.

The weather in Melbourne was absolutely gorgeous today and Isabelle and I were going to take the dogs for a wonderful walk - that is until we realised that Paul had the dog leads in the back of the van, which is up in Charlton so sadly no doggie walking.  Hopefully he is back during the week and we can have some nice weather for the dogs to go for a walk!


Lynne said...

Very cute hats, Sue.

You sound like you have been very productive with your knitting.

sandra said...

wow, reading you I realized you are in WIP land, hon!
Also, those premmie hats could be on the cover of some knitting edition!

Ann said...

Lovely hats & a great way to use your leftovers for a good cause. Must go & look up the pattern & knit some too.

MsPurrl said...

What a great idea for leftover yarn!

2paw said...

The poor dogs!! I hope they had a consolation play in the garden??
great work on the hats and you really have been busy with your knitting!!
We have had warm weather, even though it is drizzly today, but no Sun at all.

Beck said...

Hey Sue, hope you got to enjoy some sunshine today! Love the little hats all lined up, so cute. I've handed my knitting project over to Mum...I did the sleeves and back but was struggling with the front! Anyway, it will be a group effort :) Rosie won't care, as long as she can wear it! x

Michele said...

Lovely hats for such a great cause! That is a really nice way to use up some scrap yarn!