Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hope you all had a wonderful start to the new year.  We had a very quiet one staying home with the dogs and listening to the fireworks.  I am sure I went to bed at about 1pm after watching Steve and Callie of Dramatic Knits podcast.  I have been spending my free time catching up on all my podcasts which has been nice. 

I also did quite a bit of knitting and have finished knitting my first baby jacket of the year.  I have also started the one up above which is from Sirdar called Little Vintage Knits.  This is on the front cover which is called the Girl's Fair Isle Cardi which is very pretty.  The colors seem a bit washed out in the photo but they are actually a nice orange and bright pink color.  This is for my god-daughter who turns 4 yrs old on the 12th of January so I am hoping to complete it by then. 

Last year was a good year for knitting for me, although quite a few knits were of the smaller variety.  I managed to knit up 17,932 metres of yarn which is a good effort I think.  I also managed to knit 45 or 46 projects, will have to double check that later on. 

I dont have any resolutions this year other than to be happy and healthier.  Nothing else matters really when it comes down to it.  We have settled really well into the old house.  People have come to visit and mentioned how similar this house is to the other one we lived in.  Perhaps the layout is similar but this one has a very different happier feel to it so far which is great. 

This week has been a bit of a doozy for Isabelle as she got badly sunburnt on New Year's eve, and then got bitten by a spider the night afterwards.  We thought she had a bad reaction to a mosquito bite but the next day the rash was bigger than my hand and had started turning purple.  A trip to the hospital just after midnight, and then back to the doctor's the next day for antibiotics, and it is finally looking much better.  She is still a bit tired out from it all but doesnt feel quite so ill now which is fantastic.  I am hoping it wasnt a white tail spider (horrible nasty ones) which we have killed in the past few days.  I think we found 3 of them but just assumed they had come in the boxes and furniture from the other house.  Hopefully on the weekend we can spray around the house to stop them coming inside.  Now Isabelle shakes all her clothing and checks her bed before hopping in.

So I think that is about it ..... just going to sit and relax and do a bit of knitting.  Hope you are all well and 2012 is treating you well so far.


melissa said...

oh no! that spider bite sounds very scary! i'm glad to hear she's starting to feel better.

wishing you all the best in 2012!!
happier and healthier sounds like a perfect goal!

Michele said...

Happy New Year Sue! Your sweater is turning out beautifully! So sorry about Isabel's spider bite - I am happy she is feeling better.

2paw said...

Happy New Hear and I am so glad that you are happy in your new house. Poor Isabel, I a glad she is feeling better now. You knitted so much last year, what a great knitter you are well done. And I love the new cardi, it is so pretty and your god-daughter will love it!!

Gillian said...

So glad you have all settled into the new home.
Hope Isabel's spider bite clears soon and that the January weather is kind to you all.
Cheers Gillian

Rebecca said...

omg wanted to say so many things while reading your post but now i'm all freaked out about the spiders and can think of nothing but that :P
oh well, hope you guys get settled in quickly and i wish you as much happiness as possible for 2012 in your new home :D

Ann said...

Happy New year. You did very well in 2011 & I am sure you will be knitting up a storm in 2012.

Tania said...

Gah! I detest White Tails. Give me a Hunstman any old day.

As far as the quasi-resolution thing goes, I reckon you have those priorities right, smack bang in the right order.

Denise said...

Ouch, sunburn! Hope your daughter is feeling better.
Happy New Year to you, thanks for stopping by.

Karyn said...

it was lovely meeting you at Pick Up Stitches today. Good luck with the wool, can't wait to see how it comes out.
I am amazed at all the things you have achieved; so many beautiful things. I love the purple socks (I really need to have a go at knitting socks; I work in a wool shop- there really is no excuse is there??).
I do like the look of the Knitting in the sun book; so many beautiful patterns and not enough time.
I hope Isabel feels better soon; i HATE spiders. She will start feeling better just as school goes back and there goes her holidays, poor thing.

sandra said...

All of my kids were bitten by the spiders - luckily with no side effects!

Vintage jacket looks promissing and will wait for it to become FO!

Happy new year to you and your family!