Monday, March 12, 2012

Jerry The Musical Monkey FO #1

Hello there!
I have finally gotten my act together and seamed one of my projects so that it is finished.  I cannot believe it is already March and I haven't posted about any finished projects yet, slacker me.  So let me share the details of my first one with you for the year:

Pattern:  Jerry the Musical Monkey by Rebecca Danger
Yarn:  Dazzle acrylic, denim blue and beige
Needle Size:  3mm dpns
Started:  January 2012 and finished 12th March 2012

I thoroughly enjoyed knitting him up although the longer bits were a bit tedious on the dpns.  He turned out quite cute I think and Isabelle has declared that he will be sitting on her bookshelf.

It seems that I have had a case of startitis this month and have been casting on things here and there.  Here is the list that needs to be finished up before I start anything else this month:

-      Rhinebeck from  A Fine Fleece
-      Porcupine blanket from 60 Quick Baby Knits
-      2 cable sweaters as mentioned in the previous posts
-      Ladies vest (which needs the fronts lengthened).  I have already taken out the cast off so I can continue
        knitting it up.
-      Fair isle cardigan which only needs front bands done
-      Paul's cabled cardigan (half the back is done)
-      My sister's summer top (front and bands needs to be finished)

I want to cast on another sweater from A Fine Fleece and the yarn arrived last week.  It is October Frost and I am knitting it up in a beautiful navy from Bendigo Woollen Mills in luxury wool.  I guess the list up there will need to be reduced beforehand though.  Isabelle also wants a black beret so I will have to find a pattern that isn't too fancy as it wont show up really in black wool.

I have also been working afternoon shift with my mum as one lady she works with has been away so it has been good, but a juggling trip between Paul, dad and myself with taking her to dance lessons and netball games.  Tomorrow night is my last night doing it so it should be easier at night to do the ironing and cooking each night and other things that have been skipped lately.  I also had my car fixed again as the fuel pump died on me and I nearly got stuck in the traffic intersection but luckily it plodded along until I reached home, thank goodness.  Other than that not much else is happening but I am hoping to get more knitting done and more blogging done too.



2paw said...

Your Monkey is adorable!! No wonder Isabelle wants him!! Rebecca Danger has good patterns.
Wow, you have a massive case of startitis, but we are coming into the cooler weather. How kind of you to help your mum but can see you will be glad to get back to normal. Oh that was very lucky with your car!!

Fleur Cotton said...

How cute...i love his ever so dangly legs!

Happy Knitting

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, that little monkey is adorable Sue! I'm always amazed at how much knitting you accomplish!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

He's adorable!

Amanda said...

Jerry is a delight!

Snickerdoodle Smith said...

THAT MONKEY IS ADORABLE!!! Seriously! I love knitting toys...
...well, I don't actually love knitting them so much as having them to look at and play with afterwards, lol! Yeah, the actual knitting can sometime be quite painful. But this turned out so cute!
I need to make one.
Maybe I should try to knit each of my kids a toy for Christmas? Three toys in nine months... I *should* be able to do that.... Hmmm....

Ann said...

Love that monkey. It would be great to have one but I don't think I have the patience for knitting toys.

sandra said...

Not much happening?! REally! hehe!
Love the monkey.
So many WIPs on your list and still you think of new CO! busy, busy, busy you are!

melissa said...

jerry the monkey is completely adorable!
great work!

Geknitics said...

Love your monkey! I need to make one of these for my youngest (though she's a fan of Rebecca Danger's robot, too).