Monday, April 30, 2012

Just Life Stuff

Hello there, how are you all?  I thought it was time to update you all with another post since I have been having some quiet time since Jake left us.  Thank you to everybody who left me a heartfelt comment about him as it was lovely to hear from you all.  Tess the Jack Russell is starting to liven up a bit with all the spoiling we have been doing as she seems lonely without him which is understandable. 

Since then we have attended a funeral of a very dear friend who made it to 80.  He had a great life but it was sad to hear that he had passed on, hopefully to a lovely place to be with his wife.  Today we heard that another friend's father had passed away recently also which was heartbreaking so we will be having another funeral to attend shortly.  I guess the upside to funerals is that you get to say goodbye and reminisce with all their loved ones about them so it does help to ease the pain a little.

My car has also been giving me havoc by breaking down yet again, and dont tell me we need another car because it is definately not in our budget at the moment.  The transmission decided to stop working so I decided to give up the house cleaning position so it would be easier on the car.  I am now looking for something more full time and less driving, fingers crossed something appears soon.  I was considering going to train to be a teacher's aide but apparently you have to find a position before you start as they dont want to waste money on training you.

So after all that depressing life stuff which seems to be very relevant around here at the moment unfortunately, we have had a some nice news.  My SIL who had the twins nearly a year and a half ago now is expecting another bundle of joy in September.  We are all hoping she has a girl this time as there are only 2 girls in our family.  I have been trying to decide what to knit up but havent really decided as yet what I will knit unless she tells us what she is having.  I havent really been into knitting baby knits at the moment.

Up above is a photo of one of my current items in progress, the Ten Ten Cardigan.  I am knitting it out of some Sirdar Aran Supersoft that I had in my stash and it is quite squishy and soft.  I am nearly up to the armholes but I have been knitting things in between instead which still are not properly sewn up or had buttons added.  I am also still using my mum's laptop at the moment and have not decided as yet what to do with mine, whether to get it rebuilt with a larger screen or just buy a laptop and hope that does everything I want it to do.  Lachlan keeps advising me about different things but I think it is more for his convenience than my own, lol!  If you have any ideas please let me know as I really have had the one computer for nearly 8 years now so advice would be very welcome.

Okay until next time!

Sue xx


Becks said...

So sorry to read about Jake, I missed your last post for some reason?
What a pain about the car too. I really need a car for work but having been avoiding the issue for 2 yeas as we simply couldn't afford to be a 2 car family, running costs, insurance etc, we are struggling to replace our family car with a bigger one as it is, we really need something bigger than the traditional 5 seat saloon we currently have.
Despite the sad content of your post you certainly seem happier of late?
Blessings to you all
B x

Evelyn said...

Sorry to hear about all the sadness. I hope your knitting is offering some relaxation and contemplation. Your sweater looks lovely!

Swanski said...

Lovely new project on the needles, I bet that lifts your spirits a bit! New babies are so much fun to knit for, hope you find "the" pattern!

Thimbleanna said...

Boy, it sounds like a little too much sadness going on. I'm hoping things will pick up for you now for awhile -- hopefully a fun job is waiting just around the corner!

Ann said...

Good to have you back. I used a desk top computer for many years & 2 years ago, decided to switch to a lap top. It's the best decision as I can take the lap top anywhere & even use in the kitchen while cooking.

LeslieA said...

Hi Sue,
I am sorry that you have been going through such a sad time - life can be tough sometimes. I can certainly relate to your feelings re jobs,as I am currently unemployed and hoping to find work soon.

Leslie XX

Michele said...

I am sorry to hear about all the sadness Sue. I am hoping things turn around very soon. Your new knitting project is lovely. I hope that it is taking your mind off of things at least for a little while.

2paw said...

I am glad Tess is getting some extra spoiling, she must be missing Jake. Cars can be a bother, and you just need one as public transport can be very poor sometimes. I hope you find a nice new job soon!!
Congratulations, I am sure you will have a lovely time knitting for the new baby.
I have a desk top because The Labradors are very enthusiastic and I am inclined to spill my cup of tea on things. I went to a local shop and they built my computer to suit me, a not very whizz bang one is what I needed!!

Gillian said...

Hello Sue,
I've used nothing but a laptop for twelve years. The present one is a Dell Inspiron and has been great, it is nearly three now. To be honest Three is about the life of a laptop but this one is going well and we have a good local bloke who cleans it up and wipes viruses off and things.
It's so handy to be able to move it around the house. I have it linked to the wifi printer so it will print from anywhere in the house.
Going to see new baby kittie this weekend and give her a cuddle. She's too young to leave home yet.
Hope you get a job soon.
Cheers for now Gillian