Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May Already?

 Hello there, how are you enjoying your month of May!  I really cannot believe that the year is nearly halfway over already.  I have been trying to knit quite a bit around here, although not finishing anything, just adding to the pile.  Up above is a picture of my Greenfield from New England Knits.  I love this book, full of gorgeous patterns.  The color of the green is a lot brighter in real life, looking more grass green in this picture than it really is.  I am going to add this to the ravelry group of The Fat Squirrel Knits podcast with Amy Beth for her gratitude KAL that she has going.  You are supposed to think happy thoughts while you knit on it.  I am halfway past the armholes at the moment so I still have a fair way to go.

 We have been busy with our new kitty Lucy.  This is her favourite spot to take a nap, unless it is in my craft basket.  She is lying next to my Ten Ten cardigan which is still plodding along at the moment.    She loves to play with everything including our face, hair, arms (which are covered in scratches) and anything she can find.  She likes to lie on my chest to go to sleep.  She also loves to lick ears and chins too which is quite funny.
Here she is asleep in her outdoor kitty basket.  Bella our other cat has taken up residence in it as Lucy has been sleeping in the laundry at night in another kitty house that we bought her.  She is a good kitty, not eating too much and sleeping well once she is put in the laundry at night.  If we dont let her out quick enough in the morning though and she can hear us she starts crying.  She is truly adorable though.  We are just waiting on her to make friends with Bella and Meg.  Tess our Jack Russell loves her to bits, unless she is trying to do superman jumps on top of her.

The job hunting is still going on, not with much luck but I am trying to keep positive.  I am thinking of going back to do office work again as my typing skills and spelling are still up to date.  I think I type around 88 wpm if I am in a hurry so it is still good.  Paul's work has slowed right down so he is thinking of going over to South Australia to get a job with a mining company.  We will see how he goes, hopefully he can get a foot in the door.  I can handle him being away for 3 weeks out of 4 every month, well I will see how I go.

The sadness continues around here with us attending another funeral of Paul's friend's father who he grew up with as a teenager.  Quite sad and it makes you realise that a lot of friends you just dont see enough on a regular basis but really should make the time too.  I am starting to think that 2012 is a year where things in the past are slowly disappearing. 

My sister had to take her 13 year old cat to the vet's yesterday to have him put to sleep.  I went with her to keep her company and it was very sad.  He had been bitten by a snake last year, and sadly I think it affected his kidneys.  He lost so much weight and wasnt eating or moving much.  The vet clinic was absolutely lovely trying to save him for 3 days but his numbers didnt come down low enough which meant that he only had a couple of days left.  He will be sorely missed by my sister as he was her companion, and I think I shall have to get her another kitty later on as she lives by herself and gets rather lonely at times.  You will be sorely missed Lionel xxx

So that is about it, the good and the sad ... seems to be a common theme lately around here but we still go on dont we.  Life is meant to have its ups and downs and I am sure there are many people out there going through similar situations.  I am going to sit down and drink my hot milo and try some more knitting on my little nephew's jacket which is coming along beautifully!  See you all later on.


Karyn said...

Life does have it's ups and downs but some weeks it feels like more of one than the other.
I hope the job hunting goes well for both of you, it is so hard to find a job.

Lucy looks so cute; adorable! I am glad she is fitting in well. She certainly looks cosy enough!

Sarah said...

Your kitty is gorgeous, as is your green greenfield!

Sorry to hear that there have been some recent sadnesses, I hope that is all for you for 2012!

2paw said...

Oh, I am sorry you are having a few more down this year. I a also glad you have new Lucy and your knitting to cheer you up. Kitty Lucy is so sweet and I know how sharp those little claws are!! I know your sister will be very happy to have a new animal companion. Your green Greenfield looks gorgeous!!!
Lots of my friends have husbands and partners who work away, it is hard, but they do appreciate the time they have together so much more!!

Gillian said...

Lucy looks like she is settling in well. Sorry to hear about the downs and I hope the ups get better. Going to work in South Australia! Used to be the other way round. Whatever happens I hope it is OK for Paul and for you.
Cheers Gillian