Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy 2013!

Hi there, how are you doing in this brand new year.  We have been having a nice quiet week or two catching up with family and friends.  Up above are our two kittens who were born on the 17th of December.  They will be 3 weeks old tomorrow and this week has been the best as they have started seeing things and walking around.  The one on the left is the girl and the little boy is on the right.  The boy kitten is just adorable as he loves having tummy rubs and rolls on his back for you to pat him.  I am watching them both on the rug at the moment walking around all wobbly like, so adorable!

Finally here are some photos of my new nephew and niece.  My nephew has lovely blonde hair and likes to sleep a lot!

This is my gorgeous niece.  I love all her hair, isnt it gorgeous.  They were born on the 18th of December.  I knit lots of handknits for both of them but with our hot weather they wont be wearing them for quite a few months yet.

We also travelled to my MIL's at Port Arlington last Thursday.  Isabelle and Paul went swimming and diving off the pier whilst my SIL and I sat on the beach.  It was quite warm and there were lots of people there as the weather is quite hot with it being summer at the moment.  In a few weeks time the kids will be back at school so most of January is holiday time.

I have finished quite a bit of knitting which I haven't shown yet, some of it still needs seaming but I will get around to it.  I attempted to knit a lace shawl yesterday out of some 2 ply but mucked up the pattern so it got ripped out.  I will try again another day.

Bye for now!



Sea Star said...

Precious babies, all four of them!

Anonymous said...

happy 2013 to you as well!

oh my those kittens are adorable!
but your niece and nephew take the cake! too too sweet!!


Knitting Nix said...

All adorable. xx

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Babies are so cute! (both feline and human!)

Lynne said...

All the babies are gorgeous!

Thimbleanna said...

Ha -- two sets of twins -- very, very cute!

Gillian said...

Happy New Year Sue!
Wouldn't it lovely if they all stayed babies.
The kittens are so adorable at that age.
Hope it's not too hot for you.
Cheers Gillian

mckinkle said...

Hello Sue,

Firstly Happy New Year!
Secondly many congrats on becoming an Aunt to a beautiful and healthy set of adorable twins!

I was just looking at the picture of your nephew and saw the cracker on the plate in the background - that definitely confirmed that you cant be in the UK as the weather looks totally amazing there! Feels a little odd to celebrate with crackers at xmas in the brilliant sunshine but its obviously just what Im used to!

Baby kittens too, how beautiful and having bred my own JRT I know how lovely it is for you to see them grow so enjoy every minute!

Im looking to change my card making blog into a knitting one as Ive moved back to my all time fav and your blog inspires me greatly!

Enjoy your babies!
Keryn :)

Karyn said...

Such cute babies! A boy and a girl - woohoo, you have scooped the pool of what you will be able to knit for them!
Kitties are cute too!

Alison said...

Aren't they just the cutest, all for of them.