Saturday, April 20, 2013

Some more finished objects for April!

I seem to be keeping up with finishing and posting about my finished objects lately which is great.  I hope it continues.  First up above is the Figheadh hat which is on ravelry but for some reason will not be added to my pattern page as a ravelry pattern.  Nevermind as I loved it that much I knit it twice.  The one above is the largest size and since I have a big head this one is a tiny bit small for me.  I used Brown Sheep Serendipity Tweed yarn (which I absolutely love) in the colorway Variegated Ivy.  Such a pretty green although it looks blue up there.  Secondly below is the second version where I added 2 pattern repeats to the hat and another length wise too.  This one is a bit big but I love wearing it.  I think the color is Cherry Blossom and the colors seem very washed out here for some reason.  I also knit them flat instead of in the round which was much easier for me.  They didnt even use a whole skein so I might be able to eek out a little baby hat in each color for my niece and nephew!

Thirdly, this is the little retro cardigan from King Cole Book 5.  The King Cole books are full of gorgeous patterns and this one is nice and easy to knit up.  I knit it in some James C. Brett Supreme 8 ply yarn which is nice and soft to knit with.

Lastly the sweater for my nephew Felix.  I absolutely love orange even though it doesnt suit me.  I found this orange color on and it was in the James C. Brett Supreme DK so I ordered a 100gm ball and it was perfect.  It even matches the speckles in the Sirdar yarn perfectly.  I popped a little button on the collar so it will go over his head easier but the ribbed sleeves are quite stretchy so he probably wont need it.  The pattern is a King Cole pattern that I also bought on Deramores.  I love that store because it only takes under 2 weeks for things to arrive and if you spend over $100 you receive free shipping or otherwise it is $7.95 for everything which I think is great considering they are in England.  For some reason I order books from who are in NSW and they sometimes take 3 weeks to arrive which is rather annoying.

So other things, work is good and picking up again finally for me.  In 2 weeks time I will be babysitting my 3 nephews who are under 3 yrs one day per week so I will be able to get to know them a lot better.  I have also had other work too in the last 2 weeks which breaks up the day.  I am trying to cook more wintery meals now that the weather has finally cooled but unfortunately when we went to use the heater it wouldnt blow out any air.  The power was lit up but nothing happened so the service guy is coming on Monday (hopefully).  The air con guy was supposed to turn up to change the switch about a month ago now and nothing happened.  I guess that comes with renting but I will keep sending emails to the agent because by the time it is fixed I guess it will be close to warm weather again.  Anyway back to the knitting - I am knitting my niece a tunic dress and she is still in size 000 at 4 mths so she is very petite.  She might be walking by the time she fits into it.  I hope you all have a wonderful week!


Lynne said...

I love looking at the same pattern in different colourways -- sometimes the change is so enormous that it doesn't look like the same pattern. So looking at your hats was fun!

2paw said...

That hat pattern is lovely and the colours are so pretty!! As usual your little people's clothes are so cute and the orange is a perfect choice. Thanks for the mention of the online shop. It has some great things. Yes, I agree about the slowness of the post, and things get lost too. Glad that you are feeling happy about work, but not good that the heater isn't working. You need to keep warm!!

Vicki @ dover and madden said...

Gosh your turn out of knits is astonishing. Lovely work, Vic x

Ann said...

The hat looks great. Gorgeous FOs and it looks like you have been busy with all these kids garments.

Anne said...

I hope your heating gets sorted.

Thank for the wool shop link I'll check them out Im aways checking out wool shops on line not that I have much money to spend but I did get some noro silk garden sock and Kureyon sock for less than half the price I would pay for it over here from and Web site in England but I forgotten what they where called!
Have you check out they are having a big sale at the moment.

I like the orange and blue together too.