Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Monday

I finally finished up the Sandcastle Sweater last night. What a relief. All the diagonal patterns get a bit confusing sometimes, or maybe I just get tired of looking at the dots on the chart. This is the size 2 - 3 years. It is a loose fitting sweater. I think it turned out okay. Hopefully Jesse will like it for his birthday next month. I used Spotlight Cottone cotton for this which is supposed to be a 5 ply, but actually knits up better as an 8 ply. The fabric is too hard I think when used as a 5 ply. I only used about 5 balls. I have also finished knitting up the left front of Jenny and nearly the right front. When I have done the arms I will be able to knit them all together. Hopefully will not take too long, as I will take a photo when I start the pattern on the yoke.

Next up we have Jake our kelpie who is 6 years old. He is the most beautiful natured dog. We bought him when Lachie was 6 years old from a big property in Gisborne. He was the run of the litter. He looks like his mum but bigger. He is so good with the kids. Isabelle walks Tess on the lead and Jake walks beside her without the lead. He is very obedient. Sometimes better behaved than the kids. He plays with his ball all day, bringing it to you then catching it and bringing it back to us to play. We always tell visitors that if they play ball with Jake be prepared to do it for a few hours.

This is Tess, our Jack Russell. When I had Isabelle we decided to get a dog for Jake to have for company. Our friends dog had six pups and I chose Tess. She is a long haired Jack Russell. She always needs to be brushed because of the prickles she gets in her fur. She adores Jake. She chases him around the yard. I think he has stepped on her a few times from this because occassionally I will hear a yelp from her. She is a very good dog. We can tell when we have visitors because she runs to the front of the house and barks. She doesn't bark a lot like some little dogs though. I think they are both gorgeous. The kids actually like seeing pictures of our animals on the blog. They rushed into see them and were all excited. They have now gone out the front to take pictures of our cats. Hope everyone has a nice day.


Ingrid said...

the sand castle sweater looks very cute... what a great birthday present!

Yuli said...

Very nice sweater! I'm sure Jesse will like it. I've also been suspecting that some Spotlight yarns had printing errors on their plyness. I remember they had a wool yarn that had a yardage of an 8ply but labelled as a 5ply.

shoofly said...

what a great sweater! I love the color!