Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter

I thought I would add a quick post. Our kids woke up just before 7:00am to come and show us their easter eggs. They ate their wombat before breakfast. Hopefully they don't feel sick by dinnertime tonight.
Yesterday's post of the cardigan is the Cable Cardigan from Vogue Knitting International 2003/04. I love this pattern. Must work some more on it when Isabelle is at kindergarten I think. I will finish the Sandcastle Sweater today, after lunch. I will photograph it tomorrow. It's a bit grey outside today, but no rain so at least the kids can go outside. I would also like to thank the commentors on my blog. Thank you. Fitknit, if you are reading could you please contact me again as I could not find your e-mail on your blog. I would like some help with my blog in adding some progress bars. Having all these works in progress gets a bit overwhelming, so I thought if I added some to my page, then I could keep my mind focused on certain projects. Well hope you all have a good day.

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Sharon said...

Hi Sue, happy Easter to you too.

I have a link on my blog to a site that explains in very simple terms how to add progress bars. Look under links and easy peasy percentage bars.