Saturday, April 15, 2006


This is the cardigan that I am knitting for myself. I have been busy knitting other things at the moment, so its been put on hold. I love the cables and the moss stitch together. I think it's from Vogue Knitting. I will have to recheck this.

I am using light blue Zara wool for this. Zara wool is so soft and it shows the texture up well.

This is the Tea for Two sweater for Isabelle. It is actually a dark yellow and orange. It looks very washed out in this photo unfortunately. I thought of photographing it for Project Spectrum, but I did not sign up for this month.

This is my newest purchase of Cascade Sierra. The color is actually a nice green. I thought on the website that they said 50g balls, but when I received it, it was 100g balls. Well now I can make something for myself. Oh how fortunate a mistake!

I took Isabelle to see her cousins in Bacchus Marsh yesterday afternoon. It was good to catch up. We had to leave when the weather decided to change for the worse. It was windy and pouring with rain. Then today we went over the other side of the city to visit some other cousins, and yes, you guessed it, more rain. I think the sun came out 5 times today and there was rain in between. Melbourne weather is like this a lot. We still never get used to it though. Last night it poured when we had dinner at my parents, and just as we were going to leave we got a flat tyre. Of course the car jack would not support the weight of the car, so the neighbours were good enough to borrow us a trolley jack. Done it in 5 minutes after that. The television also broke down at the start of the week. I'm just hoping that there is no third problem we have to encounter. Mum and Dad come for lunch tomorrow with my sister. We are having a roast, so it should be good in this cold weather. My sister-in-law and her husband are competing in a triathalon in Geelong tomorrow so I hope the weather is good for them. Well Happy Easter everyone for tomorrow, and I shall post an update hopefully on Monday. I have finished the back of Jenny by the way.


Donna said...

I love that cardigan, Sue! I'd love to know where it's from :)

ferg said...

Hello Sue, I'm Gillian and I'm in Bacchus Marsh. At the moment I'm really into doing some yarn dyeing and some sock knitting. Two years ago I would have said WHAT!!! but I've started and will give it a go.
Good luck with that lovely looking cardigan.
Cheers Gillian