Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday

Today will be a quiet day hopefully. Good Friday in Australia means that the kids are home from school until Tuesday. The television networks run a Good Friday Appeal which raises money for the Royal Children's Hospital in Parkville, Melbourne. They do many wonderful things for children with serious illnesses. I remember when Lachie was about 2 yrs of age and he was on the couch and fell forward and knocked his front teeth on the coffee table. I was beside myself with worry from all of the blood and the fact that his front teeth were loose. We had to take him to the RCH to have them checked. They even have their own children's dentist there. They were great with him, and fortunately his teeth did not turn black, so no nerve damage. Isabelle actually fell over on her nan's driveway this summer and did the same thing, but also grazed and cut her face and legs and arms too. Thankfully her teeth strengthened up, so she did not have to have a hospital visit.

Speaking of children being ill, I read this morning. She is getting knitters to donate knitted squares for her niece who has a serious illness. Grace is a gorgeous little girl, and the extra squares that are knitted will be sewn into blankets for other little girls that have to have treatment in hospital too. It is a very good cause. I think pinks are the colors for the squares, but you will have to recheck that. I am thinking of knitting some 5" x 5" squares and sending them off to her. Will have to sign up later today when I find some nice pink wool to make a square and send off a little pressie too. It is a very good cause, and I would not wish for anyone's child to be so sick and have to be in a strange place at so young an age. I am sure that it is quite hard for the parents to endure as well.

Tomorrow I will post some pictures of the Cascade Sierra cotton that I received from Yarns Online. Their website is at Meaghan is very nice and I usually receive my items the very next day. She sells Noro, Brown Sheep and Cascade wool and cotton. She also sells Lantern Moon bags and Chibi needles, all items which usually have to be ordered from overseas here in Australia. My cotton is Mountain Green I think, color 40. I love green yarn so this will be perfect. I just have to find the perfect pattern now. Sometimes I do order yarn that I like before I decide what to knit with it. I will also try to photograph a picture of the Tea for Two sweater for Isabelle which will tie in perfectly for Project Spectrum. I have not joined. I thought I would wait until the green month, but since this knit ties in perfectly with this month's color theme I think I will post a picture of it. This jumper is gorgeous. I knit it up last year for my niece Laura's birthday in the same yarn, but blue and added 10 rows to the length. As soon as Isabelle saw it she wanted one too. Miss Bea's knits are great and knit up very quickly, well for me anyway. I have nearly finished the Sandcastle sweater. Hopefully by this weekend it will be finished. We will be going to my brother-in-laws for lunch tomorrow to see our two nephews Thomas and Benjamin, so another hour of knitting in the car will be good. Thomas has just turned 4 years old, and Benjamin is 2. They are so cute. We will also give them their easter eggs, as the easter bunny comes on Sunday. Chocolate and pimples on their way. My kids love chocolate, but we decided from last year not to go too overboard, otherwise we eat chocolate for the next 6 months. Well I had better go. Hope everyone has a nice day.

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