Thursday, April 13, 2006

More Knits

Good morning everyone. I have not taken any photos of my knitting in progress yet, so I will show a few pictures of the quilts that my sister made for my kids.

First up, this is the quilt that my sister made for Isabelle's 4th birthday. The fabric in the printed squares is actually fairies. I had it hanging on the clothesline so excuse the self-portrait of my arm.

This is the quilt that my sister made Lachie for his 12th birthday this year. It is actually not as bright and looks much better in real life. My sister has been quilting for many years at the Willow Quilting Group in Melton. She has also made double quilts all pieced by hand and hand quilted also. These two she did on the sewing machine, but she is quite talented. I will have to take photos of the dolls that she has made one day too and show you.

And this is one of the photos of a jumper that I made about 11 years ago for Paul. It is actually a cream color. I had to try to fit it in the photo and get close enough so the stitch detail would show up. I think it took me 9 weeks to knit this jumper. Lachie was only a baby so there was not a lot of free time to knit back then. I love this jumper. It fits me with room so it is quite comfy, but it looks better on Paul. His jumpers always fit him perfectly and look good. I wish my jumpers for me fit and look as good.

I have knit a little bit more on Jenny, but have put it aside while I finish the Sandcastle Sweater that I am knitting as a birthday present for my friend's son. I only have a sleeve and a half to finish. I did the neckband yesterday and the other half sleeve, so hopefully by the weekend it will be finished. We have Easter break this weekend so it could be busy. We are hoping to go to Murrumbeena to see our nephews and give our older nephew his birthday present. Well I hope that everyone has a great weekend. Will post when I have some more photos to show you. Bye.


knitabulous said...

Hi, welcome to the blogosphere - and might I say you have the most GORGEOUS knitting, I'm really enjoying you're pictures so far.
Keep em coming!

knitabulous said...

Oh, and did you know your blog is set up not to allow anonymous comments? You might want to untick that box in your settings.

fitknit said...

Hi Sue,
Beautiful creations! I'm especially impressed by the 9 week jumper (I usually take 2 years for something that size LOL).

If you still want help with your page, let me know and I'll help as much as I can. Mind you, I think your blog looks great. I've just decluttered mine and given it an Autumn clean!

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Knitcrazy said...

The Quilts are Beautiful

I LOVE handmade quilts!!!