Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Bright and Sunny

I have just returned from a lovely morning at Maddingley Park in Bacchus Marsh where Isabelle's kinda group had their easter egg hunt. The weather was beautiful and sunny. It is a nice park with lots of old trees and a great big adventure playground which was built by volunteers about 3 years ago. Paul's grandmother lives across the road from the park in a house that is very old. I don't quite know if it 100 years old, but she has lived there for a very long time. We visit her when she is home. She is going to be 85 this year I think, and still drives and goes bowling. Great inspiration to her grandkids. Anyway I had better fill you in on the knitting progress.

First up, here is the finished shot of Peter which was finished yesterday. I love this little cardigan. I used wool from my stash which was a machine washable 8 ply crepe. Good for toddlers with food stains and other marks that they seem to get on their clothes. I also used the buttons from my stash as well. The light blue ones were the only color I could find to match the colors in the cardigan that I seemed to have enough of. The other colors seemed to be one button short.

My progress on Jenny was good yesterday afternoon. I knitted about 15cms on it, which is just straight stocking stitch to the armholes. When you have knit all the pieces to the armholes then you put them all onto one needle, and start the yoke with the different colors. I hope it turns out okay. I really don't like doing colorwork as I think that my knitting looks all wonky and out of place. I have seen bloggers who do fair isle and colorwork that looks like it came from a store, its just so professional looking. If my jumpers turned out that great then I wouldn't be so put off from making them. Well that's all for today. I am about to do some grocery shopping and easter egg shopping for Sunday, and a bit of housework. Such an exciting life we mothers lead don't we!

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Annie said...

What a cute little cardigan, the colours go so well together.