Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sewing Projects

This is the Raggedy Anne that I made about 4 years ago. I purchased the pattern from a shop at the Craft Show, came home and decided on the materials and made her up on the sewing machine. I actually had to purchase fabric paint to do her shoes which was quite easy really. I like this doll as she is quite tall. My daughter used to put her up next to her when they were the same size, which was quite funny to look at. Next to her is a cushion that I made from a pattern. I would have to find it to tell you who designed the pattern. I actually embroidered the pictures on the front and made it out flannel material.

This is a cute little cushion kit that I picked up a craft show about 2 years ago. I love the embroidery saying on this cushion. I wonder how many people do end up with underwear for Christmas.

This is one of my favourite dolls which is also from a kit. I used to buy kits all the time, as having a young child and a baby, it was easier to just purchase the material with the pattern instead of having to shop around to find the fabric too. She is really rather cute. I just drew her face on with fabric pen, painted her wings, and sewed her together. She actually sits in my front lounge room on atop of a box which has fabric in it for a couple of quilts that I actually have to get around to making.

And finally, my first toy that I drew up the pattern for myself. I saw a similar one on one of the craft blogs, and thought that I could make a similar one for Isabelle. She has named it Annabelle the bunny. It is not really big, but I am thinking of trying to make a larger one. I am going to make one for my niece for Easter, which is this Sunday, so I should really get started soon.

Back to the knitting front now, I have finished knitting Peter now. I just have to sew it up and sew on some buttons and it will be finished. I will then try to start the sleeves for the birthday jumper. I will take some photos of them later today. I have kindergarten duty today so it will have to be after that. Also, good news! Knitty is up. I love granny smith, reid, and double scoop. Double scoop would be good for baby presents, in different colors for boys or girls. Reid I would love to make for Isabelle. I do knit jumpers for Lachlan and my partner, but alas Lachie never wears them much. My partner has 2 cable jumpers that I have knit for him when Lachie was about 18 months old, before I began going back to work. They are great and have washed up well. One day I will take a photo and blog about them. Well off to get ready for kindergarten duty. See you all tomorrow.

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Rachael said...

ohh, I did that christmas stitching too! Only I've yet to mine on a pillow!!!! 'Cos I'm slack... (I posted it on my blog in November!) Anyway welocme to the blog ring, looking forward to reading through your blog!