Monday, April 10, 2006

Jaegar Book 29

I have just received the Jaegar handknits book 29 which is full of kid's knits and for babies too.
So first up, is Harry, a baby cardigan which I am making using Heirloom 4 Ply wool. I have just started the back, and it is an easy knit so far.
Secondly, is Jenny. The color is actually a deep purple. I will be knitting this after I have finished a few other things first. I have a deep purple wool in Zara, which is so soft. This will use up a lot of stash yarn as I do not have to purchase anything for it.
Thirdly, this is Peter. I am knitting the 12 month size in the same colors. I have used an 8 ply crepe which is machine washable. I think it is easier to use these for babies so the mum doesn't have to do any hand washing. I will post a picture at the end of the week of the progress on Peter. I have completed the back, both fronts, and a sleeve. Just the other sleeve and the collar and bands to go. Not too bad for 3 days work.
Now back to my knitting. The sooner I finish Peter I will be able to finish off another jumper which is going to be a birthday present. I will post a picture when it is done. I need to finish it before May the 15th so I had better get started on the sleeves. The back and front are completed. It is from Miss Bea's Seaside book. I post all the details when I have finished it and seamed it up. I also need to do some more progress on my sister's cardigan. Have not knit any of it since last week. Well see you all tomorrow.

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