Monday, May 29, 2006

A Bit of This and That

Hello! I hope you all had a good weekend. Ours wasn't too bad. Isabelle and I went birthday present shopping for two of her kinder friends, whose parties are both in the next two weeks. I knit Amber a wine colored scarf as part of her present, and I am currently knitting a nice blue/mauve colored one for Olivia. I have a small bag filled with fun fur yarns so what better way to use them up than to make pressies with them. Isabelle is all excited asking how many more sleeps until the first party. Then I am sure it will be the same question for the next party. So to fill in on our weekend, (yesterday Paul was at work and Lachlan had slept over at his friend's house, since his friend will be moving to Mt. Buller in a few weeks so Lachlan will miss him a lot), we occupied ourselves by going mushrooming on the way to the milk bar, which is about 2 streets behind us. That plastic bag is full of them. I gave them to my dad since he likes eating field mushrooms. Some of them were quite big. We tried to get some later on too but they were toadstools since the skins turned yellow when we picked them. I am sure that people driving by wondered what we were doing. A few weeks ago there were mushrooms growing on quite a few naturestrips, but since May is nearly finished so are the mushrooms. Well we had a lot of fun picking those ones, and I am sure they will taste great.
Also I got some knitting done, apart from finishing Amber's scarf, I also did some more of my sock, finished the back of the star jumper and half a sleeve, photos to come later, and I also did some of my Miriam sweater which is from one of the Rowan mags. It might be 27 or 28 I think. I am waiting for my next Rowan magazine to arrive that I ordered a few weeks ago. They were out of stock so it is something to look forward to in the mail, apart from bills. When the weather fines up a bit, I will try to take one outside of the cardigan. It rained last night, and now it is overcast outside so I don't think I will be taking any today.

I also purchased some knitting magazines on the weekend. I love Simply Knitting. We are a bit behind other countries with this, as is the case with most books here. The Creative Knitting mag is an Aussie one, and has some good patterns too. I like the ballerina knitted doll in it. The scarf on the front is cute too. I also finally purchased Toddlers and Tiddlers. I have looked at this book for so long, about two years deciding whether to buy it or not. When I went to Stitchery Blue they had run out of copies, and I knew then that I wanted it. I ordered it from the Wool Shack along with some yarn I had also ordered. I am now waiting on my Chibi darning needles from Yarns Online and some sock yarn. That will be all that I will be purchasing for quite some time. We managed to work out a budget for ourselves, and for the next few months things will be tight, so no yarn ordering or new knitting books for quite a while. Have to reduce that stash anyway. I think its starting to take over the house, our bedroom at least. Well that is all for now. Bye.

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Yuli said...

Mushrooms! My favourite too! There're also heaps of white ones on my front yard but how do I know whether or not they're okay to eat!