Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Another Knit

Good morning. The sun is out this morning and it is actually a bit warmer than yesterday. It was on 15 degrees yesterday which is cold here. I know some of you live where there is snow and blizzards and such, but here in Melbourne we hardly ever get snow, unless you live in Trentham or around those areas, and places like Mt. Buller and Mt. Hotham where there is supposed to be snow. Well enough babbling on. Here is a picture I took of Miriam which is from one of the Rowan books. I think it is 27 or 28. Will have to recheck later. This is the back. There is actually a flap knitted in the centre of the back at the bottom. It is actually a nice green color, not the bright blue. I think my camera fancies this color, as purple seems to come up as this color as well. I have finished both sleeves on the star jumper and now only have the front and neckband to do. I will take a picture of it when it is done which should hopefully be by the end of the week. Giving myself a timeline should push it to be done. I seem to work better that way. Oh and in response to Yuli's comment, I think mushrooms that are okay to eat are the ones that are brown underneath. If you touch the skins and they change color, these are not safe to eat. The field mushrooms always have the brown ribbing underneath them. I know that some toadstools look like mushrooms but they do not have the brown underneath them as far as I know, and are usually a different shape. Please do not eat any that you are unsure of, I could not bear to think of someone getting sick on mushrooms. My mum and dad used to take me mushrooming with my dad's parents when I was young, about 3 years old I think. They used to take an old hessian bag that usually had potatoes in it, which Dad used to buy from Victoria Market. Anyway we used to drive out to the country and fill these bags up. I think my family lived on mushrooms every day for the next two weeks. They were huge mushrooms and the underneaths used to look nearly black. With all of the houses being built now, I suppose there are not many paddocks to go mushrooming in now, but it is fun for the littlies to do it. Isabelle loved it, and now keeps looking for more. She won't eat though, she even picks them out of her lasagna when I cook it. Well off to do some housework, drop Isabelle at kinder this afternoon and do some ironing and of course a bit of knitting.


Annie said...

The blue colour looks OK anyway, I love the cables. She book buying is a great way to reduce stash, I don't know that it is actually cheaper than buying yarn though.

ferg said...

Hello Sue,
I'm so glad to be back and you are first on my list of contacts. I spent a while reading your posts and as a retired secondary school teacher/co-ordinator, would be very happy to talk to you about how the bullying thing with Lachlan is going.
Also, keep those nasturtiums growing. They do really well near and around vegies and keep the pests at bay and you can eat the flowers. I have never eaten the flowers myself but I have seen them used to decorate salads.
Mason-Dixon Knitting is for you to borrow as-soon-as , call me when you are ready, Cheers Gillian