Thursday, June 1, 2006

Little Star Sweater

is finally finished! Yay.

Book: Adorable Knits for Tiny Tots by Zoe Mellor.

Size is 3-4 years. I shortened the length by about 8 rows as it was very long.

Yarn: Heirloom Cotton 8 ply in yellow, lime and blue. I used 1 ball of each color for the lime and yellow and about 5 balls of the blue. I still had some leftover from the lime and yellow too. I still do not like doing intarsia. I think if the photo was closer it would show up a few faulty stitches that I do not like looking at, but I am not going to fix them either since they are on the edge of the star, and if I looked really closely at the front picture on the book I see that their stitches look a little wonky too. I think it is just the cotton. The colors are pretty accurate in this picture. Overall an easy knit, apart from doing the star picture. I would even make this jumper without the star picture on it. It does look quite cute.

I also bought some sock yarn called Wildefoote Handpainted Yarn in the color Rhapsody. I have taken some photos along with the book called Knitting Socks on the Road. It has some really nice patterns in it. I will try to post those pictures tomorrow since Blogger was not co-operating in posting them today. I have nearly finished the second birthday scarf, and the first one is going to be gifted this afternoon. 3 hours to go, since Isabelle is waiting very impatiently to go. How do you explain to a 4 yr old that they have to wait that long. Well hope that you all have a nice day.


Noeysmommy said...

Your sweater is beautiful!! I'm sure no one but you would notice any "faulty" stitches! Nice job!

Rhonda said...

The sweater turned out beautiful. Even after knitting for many a years, there's always faulty stitches. Knit on.

ferg said...

I had a phase of knitting fairisle way back in my twenties but I'm well over it now!
I've never even attempted intarsia so I'm really impressed.
Cheers Gilian

Annie said...

It is so cute, the colours look great in that design.