Friday, June 2, 2006

Socks, socks, socks

Good afternoon. Thanks for all the wonderful comments on my little star sweater. It makes me feel a bit better about the intarsia I think. I finally finished the other birthday scarf last night, which was lucky because the birthday girl it is going to is playing out on the trampoline with Isabelle at the moment. The other birthday scarf was greatly appreciated last night. The birthday party was okay actually, no screaming kids. It was like having kinder at McDonald's!
Well back to the sock knitting. I am still knitting on the second sock, but I have become a bit sidetracked, being tempted to start another sock,

but I will hold out. I figure if I finish this pair then I can start another pair soon. I just received the Knitting On The Road sock book by Nancy Bush which I am sure quite a few of you already have. This is the yarn I will be using for my next pair. Wildfoote Handpainted Yarn in Rhapsody, which I purchased from Meaghan who is a wonderful lady and whom I happened to chat with yesterday over the phone. Very helpful and friendly, which is what you want when buying yarn. I am waiting on the other ball to come today, silly me only ordered one ball when I needed two. The pattern pictured above is the Friday Harbour Sock pattern. Have many of you knitted these. No problems I hope. I only usually knit plain and ribbed socks (apart from Isabelle's lace ones) and they took a while to get the grip on the pattern. Well I am hoping that these will look good in this color. I will wait to start them though so I can concentrate on the pattern I think. I like quite a few other patterns in this book too. Maybe I can destash some sock yarn. By the way, Gillian and I are going to the Knitter's Guild at Coburg Town Hall on Sunday. If any other knitbloggers are going to be there at 10:00 then give me a comment and maybe we can all meet up. It would be nice to meet some people face to face. Also the new Magknits is up for June. I have not really had a good look at the patterns, but I am sure that there will be one I will want to make. Well happy knitting and I hope you all have a nice day.

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jane said...

I love all your finished objects! You are such a fast knitter! Have a good weekend. Jane