Sunday, June 4, 2006

More Stash

Hi there. Gillian, mum and I headed off to the Knitters Guild at Coburg Town Hall this morning. We left nice and early and arrived just as it had opened. Thank you Gillian for driving us too, very appreciated and I promise next yarn trip I will drive so you can knit. There were not a lot of stalls at the hall. Colinette, Busy Bee, Andyle, Artisan Books, and a few others. I was a bit disappointed as I expected a few more than that. I did however get the chance to look through some knitting books that I had on my wish list, which sorry to say has now been shortened by quite a few. In the above photo is what I bought. Up at the back is 100% wool in a two tone green, on the left is some merino wool in a beautiful lime color, some Miami sock wool which I acquired for only $3.00 a ball and some other sock yarn (the multicolored skeins) to knit up some more socks. The socks are on hold though as I have a few knits to finish first and I have borrowed out the book for Gillian to peruse. In the meantime, I will try out some of the dishcloth patterns from Mason-Dixon Knitting that Gillian kindly lent to me. The colors of the wool in the above photo do not show how beautiful the yarn is. When I start a project with one of them I might have to try to photograph them better. The two tone green yarn at the back I purchased 14 balls of for an Hourglass sweater, which is also on the to do list. I think the merino wool will be a cabled scarf and the rest will be socks. Well that is all for now, but I will post about my new project I have been working on during the week. Happy knitting!


ferg said...

I have lost my voice completely! I obviously talked far too much and must have ear-bashed you both quite thoroughly.
It was a lovely trip out and I'm looking forward to the Sheep and Wool show in Bendigo in July, another trip to the Bendigo Woollen Mills and a side trip to the lovely wool shop in Kyneton.
See you Thursday, Cheers Gillian

Yuli said...

That's a lot of wool you've got from the expo! I can tell you're really fond of green and blue colours. Too bad I couldn't make it this time because I had to work weekend shift. Enjoy the wool!

shanwen said...

Hello Sue, i feel the same way about the coburg expo too. Anyway, your yarns are beautiful. Hope to see your cabled scarf soon :)