Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Just A Few Things

to show you all. I borrowed Gillian's Mason-Dixon book and finally knitted up a dishcloth. As you can see I haven't finished it yet, but it is over halfway done. I used a light green and medium blue cotton for this one. I like the way that it knits up, such a clever design and it only has 12 rows to the pattern which are easy to memorise. I used cotton from the stash so its a good thing.

I took Isabelle for a walk yesterday and today, about an hour each way, so a good 2 hour walk. I popped into the local newsagency today and they had a Sandra magazine full of baby patterns, and some very cute ones at that so I just had to buy it. I am hoping to make the rose colored cardi on the front one day. I also popped another knitted baby hat into the picture, which is a light blue with a slight mauve color mixed into it. I am hoping someone is going to have a baby boy in the mix, but you never know. I actually gave my mom's friend one of the pink striped baby hats that I made the other week as a gift for her brand new granddaughter Emily. She has been taping the Knitty Gritty shows for mum and I to watch. They had Lily Chin on the last episode showing different stitch patterns. Some of them were interesting, and I would eventually like to try some of them. I am going to mum's tonight to watch the next episode.

Finally, this is what I have been knitting on the last 2 days. We have been having a bit of a problem sorting out some things, so to try and take my frustrations out on something, I went through my stash and decided to make this Parka which is from Junior Knits by Debbie Bliss. I am making the 4-6 years, so it should last for a while. You cannot see the pattern on the shoulders very well nor the special part in the centre for the cord to go through. It will eventually have 3 buttons in the centre where the flap is. So far I have only used 2 balls of cotton, and in the pattern it states 15 balls of Cotton DK, which I am not using, but my substitute will hopefully reduce that number by half. I am going to start on the sleeves next, quick and easy with just a bit of shaping. Well Isabelle has now caught another cold, and has had it for the last few days. I have bought a junior cough syrup so hopefully that will help, then if she is better she will be able to go back to kindergarten. At least she has not been sulky this time, she has been playing and amusing herself. She has been playing with Tess our Jack Russell, since we bought her a little fleece lined raincoat. She feels the cold at night, so this should keep her warm. They only had a blue one left but for $6.95 it was a bargain. I will try to take a picture of her in it. She looks so cute. Well I must go and look after Isabelle, and finish my housework. Hope you all have a wonderful day.


ferg said...

The dish cloth looks as good as the pictures in the book.
My throat has been dreadful and I wont be well enough to do my stall tomorrow so I'll call you and work out something with the jam and stuff.
Cheers Gillian

Rachael said...

could you please, please,please tell me what cotton you are using and what ply/gauge it is, and where you got it from? I'd love to make some of the stuff from my M&D book, but I'm at a loss to which cotton to use..
(I love that DB book, I'm knitting "Woody" atm!)