Sunday, May 7, 2006

Finished Project

The socks are finally finished. I completed them yesterday at about 5:00p.m. They fit Isabelle very well as you can tell by the modelled photo. I have washed them in a softener because she said that they were a bit itchy, so they softened up a fair bit when they were wet. Hopefully when they are completely dry they will not be itchy. There is one slight mistake that I did on the first sock, but it is only noticeable to me.

The pattern is Bubble Yum socks from Knitting Pattern A Day Calendar 2005 in Opal pink sock yarn. This was a 100gm ball and I think I only used about 50gms. The second sock was much faster and easier to knit once the pattern was memorised. Today I will try and finish some other project parts so that I can reduce my to do list.

And since it has been raining all night here and still is now, I will show you all a picture of our Japanese Maple tree which is in the front corner of our garden. It is actually a beautiful orange color at the moment, much brighter than in the photo. I love my front garden. I actually designed it myself, got Paul to dig most of the holes and planted all the plants and selected them. I even got our old neighbours to do the paving in the garden in the shape that I wanted so I like to take pride in the fact that it is all my own ideas. As for the back yard, well that is all dirt and puddles and looks awful at the moment. We are not doing any work out there until the dogs grow up, and of course we build our pergola. I have been thinking of doing quite a bit out at the side garden though where the clothesline is. Isabelle's sandpit is out there, and the little garden shed, and I would like to do up the garden and have my garden chair out there. I could knit out there in the summertime. Well I hope you all have a wonderful day and I will try and post some updates during the week.


Dipsy said...

Oh, the socks turned out so pretty, and they seem to fit perfectly - I hope they won't itch anymore now after washing?
I love that Maple Tree in your garden, what a beauty - it seems autumn is coming your way slowly but surely in Australia, no?

Anny said...

Oh Sue, those socks are so yummy and the colour is just perfect for the pattern. They're the ultimate girly girl socks! Nice job ;0)

And oh, gardening. I'm really really bad at it. I killed ivy! So needless to say I am impressed and envious at your mad garden planning, planting, nurturing skills!

Anonymous said...

Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.