Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Tuesday 9th May

Well good news this morning, as the miners in Tasmania walked out this morning after being trapped in a mine for 14 days. Thank goodness that they are safe and well, and a big thanks to the rescuers too. A job done extremely well.
Now since I have no photos of my knitting as yet, I thought I would post a picture of some fish that I took at the aquarium last year. My nephew had his 2nd birthday there last year, and all the family went. The kids all had a great time. Lachlan even got soaked when they were feeding the eels, as it did a big tail flick and splashed water out of the feeding pool, and of course all over him. It was quite funny, and Lachie did not get too upset, just surprised I think. I like the Melbourne Aquarium. It was fun this time, and I didn't have to carry Isabelle around with me, as the first time she did not want to stay in her pram. I think we will take them to the Melbourne Zoo in a few weeks, if the weather is good, since Isabelle was only quite small the last time we took her, and I would like to see the Elephant Walk finished.
Now onto knitting, I have finished the two fronts of the baby jacket, and half of one sleeve. I did the sleeve and the front last night whilst watching The League of Extrordinary Gentlemen. It was okay actually. Paul fell asleep with Isabelle in the beanbag so Lachlan and I watched it amongst the snoring. I also started the front of Rae too. I am determined to finish the baby jacket this week. I think when I have a deadline I push myself to finish, and this will be one less item to knit up. I am also itching to start another pair of socks for me, since I have quite a few balls of sock yarn to knit up. Not as much as some of you have though. Well maybe after a few finished knits I will start some. I will have to look through my IK books and find a nice pattern. Well since I have bought new batteries for the camera I will try and take some photos either today or tomorrow, so I will post then. Hope you all have a good day.


Donni said...

Hi Sue - found your blog - looks great! Cheers

amanda j said...

I loved the aquarium when I visited. My friend and I couldn't believe the jellyfish. They go round, and round, and round . . . what purpose do jellyfish serve??

Dipsy D. said...

I read about the miners in the newspapers and am so relieved to hear that they're out there safe and well!
Such beautiful fish on that photo, I also love aquariums a lot - not at home though, but the bigger ones in zoos - guess the Melbourne one is so amazing!

Samantha said...

I have been keeping track of the miners and am so happy they are out safe and sound. :) That's wonderful.