Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Knitting Progress

Well I accomplished some knitting over the weekend. We had rainy days for Saturday and Sunday, and yesterday was not much better. I have had my washing on the line for 3 days now. Hopefully, since the sun is out they will dry today. So first up I have a progress pic of my sister's cardigan. This is the sleeve with the back and right front scrunched up on the needle. It is actually a charcoal color, but it seems to come out blue when I take a photo for some reason. I am hoping to do some more on this today.

Secondly we have the cabled hoodie which I started from Baby Cashmerino 2 on the weekend. I have nearly finished the back. It is an easy 4 row pattern and goes quite quickly. The patterns in this book are quite cute, and I can see myself making some more items out of this book in the future.

Next up, I finished the sweater for the Kelly doll. This pattern is from the books Knits for Children and Teddies by Fiona McTague. Isabelle picked out the colors, and I used less than a ball of each of Heirloom 8 Ply cotton for this. I just need to sew on a button or two, and it will be done. It only took 2 nights to complete. The pants will be done next.

And finally, a family picture from Mother's Day. This was taken at my mum's place just before we ate. Lachlan is wearing a jumper that I knit for him last year from Rowan Junior. It actually looks better in real life than in the photo. I did not knit Paul's or Isabelle's cardigans though. I wish the photo had turned out better. I will have to get my sister to take more than one picture next time, so I have a few to choose from. Well I am off to finish my housework, then take Isabelle to kindergarten, and then tonight I am going to dye my mum's hair for her. Have not done it in a while so her few gray hairs are starting to show. Well hope you all have a good day today! Bye for now.

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Rose said...

Hi Sue! I really would love to make the blue cable knit baby sweater in Baby Cashmerino 2. It appears you have made it in lavendar. The problem is I've searched the Barnes and Noble site and the Amazon site and neither seem to sell the book. Do you have any idea of a site that might sell the book?! If not, might you be able to share directions for the sweater?