Monday, May 1, 2006


Well it certainly feels like winter now. It has rained all weekend, and is still drizzling. There is no sunshine today, so I tried to take some photos inside, but the colors aren't great. My headache finally went away, so I was able to knit a bit more on the Tea for Two sweater. I finished the front last night, so now all that's left are the sleeves and the collar. It should be finished this week I hope. I have Lachlan home today with a sore throat, but at least Isabelle is feeling better.

I also took some pictures of Isabelle's sock in progress. I have a few more repeats to go before I start the heel shaping. I hope it's not too wide for her. It is the pattern called Bubble Yum socks. The pattern seems to make the sock puff out from the top. I am hoping these will fit for a long time since the last pair I knit only fit for about 1 month. Well Monday is the day I clean the whole house, so I had better get started. Try to hang some washing out on the clothes rack and wash school uniforms. Oh what a fun day. Hopefully try to get it all done this morning so I will be able to do some more knitting. See you all tomorrow.


fitknit said...

The socks look great, but don't kids' feet grow oh sooooo fast?!

jane said...

Your sweater is great, I love hearing about your winter as we're just beginning our Summer. Jane