Monday, June 26, 2006

And More Books

What a weekend. Very very tiring. I had my friend and her son Jesse over yesterday. Isabelle seemed better in the morning, so we took them to see the animal farm, no photos as I forgot my camera but my friend took hers so when I get a copy I will post one of Isabelle feeding the guinea pigs. When we got home though Isabelle was all tearful and upset as she had sore ears, and another trip to the doctors and eardrops as well, and I spent a night up most of the night with about 3 hours sleep, and a crook shoulder and neck. I am hoping this will be gone by tomorrow. Isabelle does seem better today though, so I am hoping she is on the mend.
Now after a few emails to the book company I finally received my books that I had ordered about a month ago. The pictures are from And So To Bed, which I think will be my all time favourite book so far. It has toys, boys and girls knit in about equal quantities, bathrobes, socks, slippers, nightcaps, etc. All the patterns are absolutely gorgeous. I have pictured some of my favourites which I plan on doing soon. I also took some pics of my favourite toys, but I will save that for tomorrow. First up is the Cozy Tank Top, followed by the Snug Cardigan and Snug Socks.
Next up is the Dream Cardigan which is absolutely so cute, and the cartoons that accompany the garments really make it stand out.

This is the Snooze Pj Case. I can see making some of these in different colors as baby gifts.

I also ordered The Happy Hooker book. I am not really very good at crocheting, but my aunt, who is extremely good at crochet showed me a few steps earlier this year, and thought that I would be able to catch on pretty quickly, so when I saw this I thought when the kids are finished their holidays, I may be able to have some time to read it, and eventually practice some stitches. These two are my favourite patterns to date.
Short N Sweet and Preppy Spring Jacket from The Happy Hooker book.

Also, I would have had this sewn up last night, but since I was trying to make Isabelle feel better, it did not get finished until today. It is the Argyll Cardigan from Simple Knits. I adjusted the pattern to be striped instead, and made the bands longer than required. I also bought some little orange heart buttons which are quite bright, but matches the cardigan perfectly. It is a lot brighter than shown here in the picture. I am still playing with the settings on my camera, but so far none have obtained what I wanted so I will have to try some more. Well that is all for now as Isabelle has a friend over and they are getting quite busy, Paul has just returned from work, and Lachie is recovering from our 1 and 1/2 hour walk today.


Noeysmommy said...

I love your cardigan! It is gorgeous! and the little heart buttons are so sweet! Nice Books would you rate And So To Bed for skill level?

Samantha said...

The cardi is beautiful. I love the colours. I sooooo want that "And So To Bed" book. Yes yes I do. Perhaps that will be my next purchase ... Hmmmmm.

ferg said...

Those books look lovely. It makes me wish I knew some babies to knit for.
Poor Isabelle is having a rough trot, yes and you too!
Cheers Gillian

Rhonda said...

The cardigan turned out beautiful.