Saturday, June 24, 2006

Quick Baby Knits

I have been knitting, but none of the things that I am supposed to be knitting, as usual. My cousin and his wife had their baby girl on Tuesday, Sarah Alice, 8 pound 9oz I think, so now Liam is a big brother. I still have not finished their present yet, so that is next on the list. I have to post it to them as my aunt is not going to see them until September, and if I wait until then the pressie will not fit her. My sister's friend had her little girl yesterday, but we have not been told her name as yet, so two baby girls in 1 week. We are expecting another girl in August from our neighbour, but I have already finished her gift.

So onto the pictures, the top one is the matinee jacket from Baby Cashmerino, which I am doing the 6-9 month old size. The bottom is rolling but it has an edging added on afterwards. I also finished one sleeve. Next up we have the argyle cardigan from Special Knits. What there is no argyle, well I changed it as I saw a similar one on somebody's blog, and now cannot recall whose, where they put in stripes on the body of it. They did a pink and green version, but I quite like the red and orange, nice and bright. Only the sleeves to go now as the body was knit in one piece. Nice and quick, since this was started on Tuesday and I did the bands last night whilst watching a movie with Lachlan. Isabelle is recovering but I have noticed she has been really moody since being on this medicine. I do not know if the cough medicine is affecting her moods as she has never had this before. I will see how she goes today without it. I actually took her to the local shopping centre to do the art activities yesterday, so it got her out of the house. Tomorrow we have a friend and her son coming over whom we have not seen since May, so that should be good. We might be going to see the animal farm tomorrow so it will get the kids out of the house, and me too. I think we start climbing the walls when we get bored so a nice walk and a new activity should be good. Well that is all for now. Off to do some more housework (I know boring) and knit up some sleeves. Hopefully by the weekend the little red and orange cardi should be finished.


Yuli said...

Is the pattern for the baby jacket from a Debbie Bliss book? I've made one of these before. But I prefer your colour choice more than mine. Mine was a pistachio green.

sue said...

In response to your comment Yuli, yes both jackets are from Debbie Bliss books. The red and orange jacket is from Special Knits and the pink one is from Baby Cashmerino.