Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Have a look at Daisy would you. The most spoilt cat in this house I think, yes we have 3 cats. Daisy will be 1 year old in November. Rosie had her 3 kittens in her cat basket in the garage, and Daisy was the biggest of the 3, then the 2 boys overtook her. She is so lovable, and Isabelle adores her. She carries her around and Daisy lets her do practically anything to her, though nothing nasty which is good. This is her favourite place in the whole house to sleep now. Over the last 3 weeks we can always find her here or on the other chair in the front room, depending on which one has the sun shining on it. She will sleep there for hours at a time, and usually we forget that she is even there. She will follow you around the house when she wants something, until you give it to her. She will even sit in front of the shower while your in it, and then she tries to lick the water off your legs when you hop out. She is an adorable very friendly cat and we love her lots.
So you may have gathered by now that there will be no knitting pictures today. I have been doing a few rows on some different projects, but nothing much to show you all, just a bit boring. I am hoping by the end of the week to have something to show you all. I have a few hours to myself today since Dad took Isabelle to his house. She is much better today, after we made a quick visit to the doctors last night. She had a horrible cough, and her ears were red. After spending $40.00 on medication, she is actually looking a lot better. The awful cough mixture that she says tastes horrible is working very well, she has not coughed all morning. At least my kids take their medicine very well, no tantrums or screaming matches to get the medicine down. Isabelle actually licks the bottom of the medicine cup if she likes it.

I have also been reading some new blogs and printing out some little sewing patterns too. I do enjoy reading some of the sewing blogs, which I think their work is wonderful. I have added some more to my sidebar, and have a few more to add. Just by looking at their work inspires me to do more. I actually made some more pants for Isabelle yesterday, and I will show you when I complete a top to go with it. Some of the sewing blogs are knitters too. I enjoy sewing, and I tend to do it when I feel like I need to accomplish something quick and easy. Next up I will make some little baby booties which I printed out today. When I have made a pair I will show you where to get the pattern from if you are interested in making some. Well I had better go and finish some housework. I finally ventured into the laundry and did 2 baskets of ironing yesterday whilst chatting to my sister when she came to visit. Only have 1 more basket to go, then I can sit down and relax for the rest of the afternoon. Well I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Peg said...

Hi Sue! Thanks for visiting my blog. You commented on the orange - the camera turned a nice brick red into an orange. That Ultra Alpaca is being used for the Wool Peddler's Shawl by Cheryl Oberle. I am currently working on Picchu Picchu by Berroco and loving the yarn. It is so soft and the stitch definition is terrific. Only problem, as I mentioned before, is that working on black is difficult when it comes to seeing the work. I wanted a nice black sweater to wear with pants, especially in the winter. I have a couple of pair of nice black pants, and with a nice top and the new sweater I feel I am dressed well for any occasion. I visited Australia - RAAF Edinburgh in Adelaide in 1995. Beautiful part of the world, and your wines are delicious!!!

Donna said...

Isn't the medication expensive? Emily is over the worst of hers now too, but it cost me $15 for medicine on Thursday, then another $47 for more medicine on Monday - I was hoping for an instant cure after spending all that ;)