Friday, June 16, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy

Good afternoon. I hope this color is readable. I have been rushing around while Isabelle has her last day of kinder for the term. Cleaning the car was one of them, which I hate doing because Paul takes it to work, and I hate mess so I need to clean it. Anyway on to the knitting progress. Thank you all for your wonderful comments about the little argyll vest. Very much appreciated I can assure you.
Now I started the next night project last night which is a Baby Aran Sweater. I am knitting the 6-12 month size. There are 4 sizes in all, mine is the 3rd largest. I love doing the bobbles on this, not having to make 4 or 5 stitches out of one stitch, this bobble is created over 4 stitches itself. Very easy to do, so this should not take too long to do. I am knitting it in a mint color, and omitting those pockets. Babies do not need pockets, unless there is something to put in there like a knitted toy. I am using more Pixie Heirloom yarn but this time I am using 8 ply instead of 4 ply. There is about 230 metres on each ball so this should not use too much. I can see myself knitting quite a few of these little jumpers, so easy and the patten is 26 rows, and my progress here is on row 20, and I have just started to get the hang of the pattern.

I have also added a little Ticker counter to the top of my blog, which may be a bit hard to read in the black print. If I put it on my sidebar, the sidebar disappears to the end of the blog which is so annoying. Hopefully this will keep me in check about buying more yarn. I did not get a chance to do any of the back of Paul's jumper yesterday, but I did dash off to Lincraft for their sale. They sell wool, fabric, and other crafty things. Anyway they had Hot Socks yarn for only $10.00 a ball for 100gm ball. How great is that. I used to pay about $17.00 a ball, and their colors were not too bad either. They had no green colorway at the
store that I went to, but mum had bought me a ball of the green in the city store near where she works. I am planning on using the blue one for Paul's socks, and they need to be knitted longer at the top. I always seem to make them too short, and have yarn left over, so the next pair I will try to use up more yarn and meet his request at the same time. So seeing as though I bought this yesterday it does not effect my stash busting or yarn buying counter today. I will see how long I last. Now all I need to do is figure out how to put progress bars in the sidebar to keep track of my knitting projects. Hopefully it won't be too hard to do. Well I am off to do some knitting on Paul's jumper, and hopefully an updated shot of the back piece on the weekend. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, even if it is school holidays.


Noeysmommy said...

Hi Sue! Love that sock yarn! The Cascade 220 I got is colorway #9406. It's from "the heathers" collection. It's a green with navy tweed, really nice.

ferg said...

It's a good thing you knit as fast as you do or you wont be able to get in the front door soon!
You have a nose for a great bargain, though, the sock wool looks great.
Cheers Gillian