Thursday, June 15, 2006

Little Argyll Vest

Argyll Slip Over

Pattern: Baby Cashmerino 2 book
Size: 6-9 months
Started: 13th June
Finished: 14th June
Yarn: Heirloom Pixie wool 4 ply and scraps of Sirdar for the argyll.

I did not even use 1 ball of the blue Pixie yarn for this vest. There is about a quarter of the ball left. That is allright for only $3.73 a ball. So this vest only cost about $4.00 to knit up, plus some buttons when I find some. It was a very easy knit, apart from that argyll part (I detest doing them) but I have figured out that if I keep practising I may get better. This will go into the baby gift box of presents, for a newborn in the future.

I did not get any time yesterday to finish the back of Paul's jumper so that will be on the agenda today. After the party at McDonald's (which I ended up with a slight headache) noise induced I think, we did grocery shopping and popped into see my parents. Paul is still home with a virus and a touch of gastro so he will be home tomorrow as well, and then the kids are on school holidays. Well I am off to search for another fill in project for tonight, which hopefully will knit up quickly. Maybe I should finish the back of the hooded baby jumper I started a little while ago. Hope you all have a lovely day.


Rhonda said...

The vest turned out lovely. Nice job.

Samantha said...

Very nice! :) And you're a very speedy knitter too.

Noeysmommy said...

Adoreable! What a sweet little vest!

Annie said...

Speedy knitter, that vest is adorable, the band is lovely with the cable.

ferg said...

That's a little treasure and should surely be a real treat for any baby-gift. Why don't you finish the hoodie and build up a little selling stock for a stall. I'd be happy to give you some space till you work out whether it's worth it.
Big Cheers cos I'm feeling a lot better, Gillian

Yuli said...

That was quick. The vest is so cute! Can you believe that I'm still working on the sleeve of my gray bolero jacket? Have to stay up tonight to get it done.