Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Zara, Zara, Zara

Good morning. An early post today. Paul took Isabelle to kinder this morning, and then he is off to the doctor's since he has been unwell for a few days. I am taking Isabelle to her second birthday party this afternoon at McDonald's again. At least she will be tired out early. She fell asleep at 7:00 last night after being worn out from kinder.
Anyway I had better get to the knitting content since that is why your reading this isn't it. I have been still knitting on Paul's soccer jumper, (and yes Australia won their first match), and no I did not watch it, but saw it on highlights throughout the day when I passed the television set. If I get time to do any today then I should be able to get up to the neck decreases, I only have about 20 rows to do till then. I have only been knitting it during the day as it is a bit dark at night, and yes I do look at my knitting even though it is stocking stitch. I watch tv whilst I am knitting, but I like to make sure I haven't dropped any stitches.

So I started another project to do at nighttime. This is the argyle vest from the Baby Cashmerino 2 book, which I love to knit items from. I am doing the 2nd size. I am using Heirloom Pixie 4 ply in a bright blue, which is quite nice. So far this is the back. I knitted this in one day, which wasn't very long. I am halfway up the front now, and have nearly finished the argyle on the front. I will be glad to finish that part, since I do not like doing it. I have not even used 1 ball of the blue yet, so I might be able to finish the back and front with just 1 ball. It goes a long way and the yarn is so soft.

I have also been buying more yarn, and yes I know I said I wouldn't but the Wool Shack had a sale on Zara which I could not pass up. Here are 2 of the colors that I have bought, and there is a dark purple and a green which I did not take pictures of. I love this yarn, especially for kids. It only cost $4.90 a ball, and here in Australia you usually pay around $8.90 a ball, so I think that is a great bargain. I also have my 2 books coming soon and I have just ordered Vintage Style and a Charlie and Lola book for Isabelle. Her birthday is in August, so I thought I might put a few small things together for her birthday. Well I am going to do some ironing whilst I have some free time, and hopefully make a dent in the pile before I go out. Bye for now.

Light Pink and Denim Blue colorways.


Annie said...

Nice colour blue, the pattern looks nice and cute.

Yuli said...

Lovely yarns you've got! I think the price was good too. The argyle vest is cute. Can't wait to see it done!

Corrie said...

wow I love wool shack so must get online. that vest is georgeous! I love the debbie bliss cashmerino book, I am now on my 3rd beanie from the book, so quick and easy to make and I splurged on the baby cashmerino for a pressie!