Monday, June 12, 2006

Gardening, Knitting and Sewing

Here are the pyjamas that I made Isabelle on the weekend. I bought the white singlet and stitched on the heart shape in the same fabric as the pants. I have used this pattern a few times, and it is quite easy. I am no expert sewer by any means. Excuse all the creases in them, Isabelle had just gotten out of bed, so I took her photo when she was about to play with her barbie dolls. I also went to the market and bought a few small things. There were only about 10 stalls there, and some more arriving just as I was leaving, which was good as I just missed the rain.

Today Paul, Isabelle and I emptied out the sand from her sand pit and put it into the new garden bed. The sand needed replacing since water had gotten into it, and it will be good drainage for the plants. I also pulled out some silverbeet plants that had gone to seed and tidied up the whole vegie garden a bit. I will be putting in some new vegies next weekend if it does not rain.

I also just finished cooking some sausage rolls with Isabelle who helped to roll up the meat in the pastry. She does not eat any red meat at all so I know she wont eat any of them, and neither will Lachlan. He prefers meat pies, but Paul and I will eat them.

And finally some knitting news, I have just started the armhole decreases on the back of Paul's jumper so I should be able to finish this tomorrow hopefully. I also started a little baby vest last night, since the other color is hard to knit with at night. Well I am now off to do my dishes and a bit of ironing, all the boring mundane things we have to do on a daily basis. Bye for now.


jane said...

Cute PJs. I need to dust off my sewing machine for the summer! jane

ferg said...

That's a great idea for kids pjs, could even work well for adults.
Cheers Gillian