Saturday, June 10, 2006

Long Weekend

Good morning. The sun is not out today so excuse any dimly lit pictures on the blog. I thought I would show a close-up of the pattern on the sock that I showed yesterday. You can see it better in this picture, and excuse any glare from my very white leg. I do not suntan at all, just burn red so I avoid it all costs.

Isabelle and I had a lovely day yesterday visiting Gillian and her husband Robert, and Kitty the world's cuddliest looking cat. Isabelle said that she is very silky, and could not stop patting her. I think Kitty enjoyed it. Thank you Gillian for your lovely tour of your beautiful house and garden. I felt a bit guilty when we left because Gillian still looked so sick. I hope you are feeling better today so that you will be allright for your market on Monday. Gillian runs a stall at St. Anne's Winery which is on the Western Highway towards Ballarat, so if you are interested in buying any wine, having a nice lunch and buying any goodies from over 50 stalls, then take a nice drive on Monday between 10:00 and 3:00 and pop in and say hello to Gillian and Robert.

So after my visit I stopped off at Bargain Box Fabrics to pick up some more of my Zhivago yarn for my cardigan, and what did I spy on the shelf but some beautiful colored wool which is Cleckheaton Country Prints. The actual color is actually nicer than this. It says color 20 on the label. I have had this pattern from The Australian Women's Weekly set aside since Paul said that he would like a jumper like that. I think the color I chose is much nicer. Sorry for the big flash in the picture of the jumper. I started this about 4:30 yesterday and this is the progress. Since the soccer started yesterday I thought that I would try to finish the jumper before the soccer ends, which is in July sometime. I am sure that there is a competition for this somewhere but cannot remember where it is, so I will see how I go knitting it. I will get Paul to model it when it is finished. His jumpers always turn out so nice on him and have a perfect fit, now if only the same would apply to mine. Oh by the way there is a market on at Melton at Macpherson Park tomorrow. I assume it starts at 10:00am so hopefully the rain will hold off until after I have gone to it. They are having 150 stalls so I hope it will be a good one. Well I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and a nice long one at that!

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Rhonda said...

Love the colour of the jumper. The blog site for the world cup knitting is, not that I'm doing it, I have too much on my plate.