Sunday, July 2, 2006

Another Gray Day

The weather is cold, gray and drizzly outside. My friend Shaz and I took the kids shopping at the Direct Factory Outlet in Essendon trying to escape the rain here in Melton. We did not succeed with the weather as it was worse there than here and I think everyone had the same idea as it was quite crowded. I did get Isabelle a dress, which I am hoping I can replicate another one in some fabric that I have. It is for summer so it will give me time to practice. I also bought her two Strawberry Shortcake books for just $2.00 each. She loves Strawberry Shortcake.

So onto the knitting, and here is the finished back of the Cozy Tank Top. I am using Zara as I already had some leftover from other projects. Isabelle liked the dark pink, which I am still getting used to with the dark brown. She says it looks like black and pink so I hope she will wear it. I have done some of the front, but I did not get to do any knitting after last night's post as Isabelle decided to annoy the boys, so I took her to bed at 9:00. I have finally taken a photo of the little hat that I finished last week too. It is made using Carnival wool which is a Kmart brand type of yarn. I got a ball for $2.00 and I love the colors of this wool. They remind me of Autumn which is my favourite season. I have popped this one into the gift box for future use. I have nearly finished up the baby jumper but I won't take any pictures until I finish it up. I am hoping to get it finished after the birthday party tomorrow. I am hoping to start the last sleeve this afternoon since Paul has gone out to a football reunion party and Lachlan is at his friend's place for a while. I'll cross my fingers and hope that Isabelle finds something to occupy herself.

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