Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday 21st July

What a beautiful sunny day. Just one of those days where you feel good about everything and get motivated to do more than one thing. Well I have nearly completed the Rainy Day sweater. Just one more sleeve to go, and I have already done the edging for it when I did the other sleeve. It is all sewn together apart from the one sleeve which I am determined to finish tonight after dinner. Only 76 rows to do. I also started the Splish Splash Jacket from Miss Bea's Colors book. I love her books and have knitted quite a few for Isabelle and a few for my nephews too. I want to make a few more of the designs from these books before Isabelle outgrows them. I am using Zara merino in a blue/seagreen colorway which is just gorgeous. I love this color. It should not take too long to make I hope.

I also bought a new book on Wednesday from the local knitting shop in Melton South. Sue who is the owner of Bargain Box Fabrics also owns the wool shop there, and is currently moving it all into one shop. I always pop in for a look to see what's new. Well on Wednesday I spotted this Baby Velvet DK yarn in this colorway, which was a new one. They also had the blue/purple colorway and a green/purple colorway which were both gorgeous too. Seeing as though there are a few cousins now due in September and later on in the year I thought I would buy the new Moda Impact Issue 7 book which has really simple easy baby patterns to knit with this yarn. It also uses Color 4 Me yarn too, and since I had purchased some Color 4 Me yarn at Lincraft when it was on sale in the exact same colorway I thought they would go well together to make this cardigan. Nice and easy garter stitch, and the yarn makes it effective. I also ordered my Knitscene magazine from The Wool Shack, and it was sent this morning, so I should have it by Thursday. I can then sit down and decide what yarn to use for the Central Park Hoodie. Gee I think my to do list is getting a bit too long. I have done a bit more on Paul's jumper but it will have to wait until next week to see some more work done it, as I am going to be a little bit busy on the weekend. Hopefully I can get some good photos of the party tomorrow and I will be able to post them on Sunday.

(Do not read on if you do not want to hear me have a whinge) My son Lachlan just started high school this year and has been having a bit of a hard time. They changed him into another homegroup to see if his situation would improve, but it seems that he has become a bit disruptive with the other kids. I am having a hard time with it all as it makes it hard when you really do not know how to fix these problems and to make your child understand that high school education is important. He has been in a few fights and last term actually lost a molar. One child in particular always picks Lachlan out and Lachlan only takes so much and then fights back. He was in another fight today, and the teacher said that because it happened in class that he would have to be suspended with the other boy as well. So on Monday I will have him home and hopefully he can catch up on school work which he does not seem to like at the moment. Writing seems to be his biggest problem. He does not like writing things down, or keeping his school work neatly written and well explained. He likes doing the practical things like in woodwork and cooking, but he just gets lazy with doing the theory part, and I know that he is not stupid so it is quite frustrating. He is actually quite bright, but seems to be very disruptive at the moment and easily distracted. Other mums have told me that they have a child like this, and they are still dealing with it in Year 10. My goodness I hope Lachlan improves by then. Anyone with teenage boys know of any problem solving methods to these problems would be greatly appreciated by me, as I never had a brother so it makes it hard to know how to deal with it. Is it just hormones or boredom maybe? How do you know how much to do and how many rules to lay down. We have made lots of rules and deals I suppose you would call them, but nothing seems to work. Is there any other solutions to these problems.

Well I had better stop complaining or you won't come back to visit. Hopefully I will find a solution and be able to help Lachlan cope better with high school or otherwise I think he may be repeating Year 7 next year. I hope not though. Well I hope that you all have a lovely weekend and no little problems to bother you.


Corrie said...

oh sue, my brother who is now 19 had similar problems. He was such a little angel and being 10 years younger than me I always thought so but once high school hit he started to get into fights, once threw a chair at someone but he came out the other side (i.e. Year 12) and is doing fine. He wasn't good at school and was a headache for my mum who taught at the school and had 2 problem free girls before him (i.e. me!)

my mum just had to keep involved, keep at him (I know it seems like nagging), make him do his work and be actively involved with teachers and his friends parents and just be there for him and do the best you can. raising teenage boys is according to my mum much harder than girls and you are not alone!

Samantha said...

It's tough. Hopefully Lachlan will realise that he wants to do well. I don't have any suggestions for you, except to make sure that even if it makes him angry, you keep your nose in his business. He sounds like he needs that sort of attention right now.

I love the Splish Splash jacket. It's adorable. :)

ferg said...

The previous two comments are well informed. My only addition is to ask you to make an appointment to see his co-ordinator/s as soon as possible. Ask them how they see things, check whether they can help you and Lachlan sort out what is really bothering him.
Thanks for your other news and have a good party tonight,
Cheers Gillian