Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Mr. Pringle

We had a visitor yesterday from kindergarten. Mr. Pringle is the kinder bear that gets to go home with one of the children when their name has been picked out. Isabelle has been waiting for a while, and was so excited when I picked her up yesterday that she finally had her turn. Mr. Pringle is wearing a baby jacket that I had made in the picture, and it fit him perfectly. Even Lachlan was a bit excited I think to have a new visitor. She even gave him a powdering with the powder (even though it was a bit too much) and she made up one of her doll's cots for him to sleep in next to her bed. Maybe he should stay more often as Isabelle stayed in her own bed all night and did not wake up once. Isabelle even made him a scarf on her new knitting machine, but we did not a photo of his scarf. It only took about 10 minutes to make. I wish that I could knit that quickly. By the way I am on to the first sleeve of Isabelle's Rainy Day sweater already. I could have it finished by the weekend for Paul's mum's 60th birthday party on Saturday. Here is hoping. Well we had bettter go and get Mr. Pringle ready to return to kindergarten. Isabelle is not too happy about him returning but she has had lots of fun with him. Happy knitting!

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