Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tuesday 18th July

This is the progress that I have made on Isabelle's new jumper. The pattern is from Miss Bea's Rainy Day and it is called the Rainy Day Sweater. I am knitting the largest size but I did add an extra 10 rows before the armholes for length as Isabelle has a long torso and I want this jumper to last for quite a while. The edgings for the bottom and sleeves are knitted afterwards and stitched on. Since this photo was taken I have now gotten up to the armhole decreasing for the front. Miss Bea's are always quick knits which I love.

I also took a picture of the goodies that I bought at the quilt in on Saturday. The weather was miserable and I felt really tired for some reason so I did not stay for the whole day. I left at about 1:30 and went home with Isabelle. On the left is a little trinket which hangs from your scissors. I love this blue colorway and it does look much nicer in real life. It was very hard to capture with my camera. Above is the bag pattern that I bought. Sorry about the flash in the middle of the picture. I will try and make one of these soon. I have a passion for handmade things, and bags are one of my favourites. I also finished up the square for Samantha but I could not take a good picture of it for some reason. I knitted it in the lozenge pattern so it is stretchy. I hope it will be okay. I will need to knit another one before the end of the week and send them off. I also found a knitalong yesterday, and I have decided that I will join up when I get the book. The pattern is the Central Park Hoodie from Knitscene Fall 2006. I love the color too, so I will have to get my copy before September and find a substitute yarn and be ready to knit it up. I have never joined a knitalong before so it should be exciting. I will list the knitalong website before I start so those who would like to join up too know where to go. Well happy knitting everybody, and tomorrow I should have some pictures of Isabelle knitting on her new knitting machine. What fun that is!


ferg said...

If you take a link from my blog to Heide's you'll find an apron sewing thing on that you might enjoy. I am leaving my sewing machine in the cupboard until my dyeing phase dies down.
Cheers Gillian

Donna said...

Love the bag pattern! I'm waiting for Knitscene too - The hoodie is on my to-do list :)

Rachael said...

The hoodie is a great pattern. If you can't get a copy let me know and I can *ahem* do something about that!