Monday, July 17, 2006

Annette's Blanket

Hi all, just a quick post but an important one. Samantha from Me, Myself and Milotis 78 is planning a blanket to be knit for her parent's neighbour, Annette. Her husband has just passed away from having had a massive heart attack. She has two small sons aged 4 and 5 and thought that making a knitted afghan out of 8 x 8" squares in blues and greens would be a great idea to make for them. She needs help as she needs to knit up 72 squares which would take quite a while to make by herself. If you can help her out please e-mail her. Her blog is listed on my sidebar if you need it. I am going to make a square and send it off to her. I'll just need to work out how many stitches I will need. I had better go and look at my pattern stitches in my books and decide which one to make. If you like, and live in Australia, maybe we can get them together and send them off in one parcel or two and Samantha can have a few at the same time to put together. Please visit her blog and see if you can help out. You know that knitters are great at helping out other knitters and families in need. I just hope that this helps those two sweet little boys and their mum!
P.S. I have just looked through my Simply Knitting magazines and their stitch library actually has the number of stitches to knit a 8 x 8" square for each pattern featured. I hope that this will help some people. Well I am off to knit my first square. Happy knitting!

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Samantha said...

Thanks Sue. You're awesome. :)

Just a note -- my blog is called Me, Myself and Milotis78. I don't mind your error, but I believe there's another knitblog out there called Me, Myself and I. No worries though. :)