Sunday, July 16, 2006

Hooded Striped Top without the stripes

Pattern: Hooded Striped Top from Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino book
Size: 6-9 months
Started: July - Finished 15th July 2006
Yarn: Cloud yarn from Spotlight, 2 1/2 balls

I finally finished up the last sleeve last night and attempted to take some photos, none of which turned out very nice, so early this morning I tried again. This is about the best that I could get to try and show up the color properly. It is actually a medium pink and white together and it is so soft. I will wrap it up today and give it to my mum to send off with her parcels as she made some things too for the baby and her big brother as well.

I went to the quilt in yesterday too and bought some nice things. I will post about them tomorrow though. It was nice to sit down and do some knitting without being asked for something to eat or drink all the time. I absolutely love my kids but I sometimes get the feeling that they wait until I have to sit down to do my knitting and then they decide they need me. I saw lots of great quilts and little bags and some women make amazing things. Alas the camera did not make it into my bag so I have no photos of any of the great projects that they were working on. There was about 150 people there so it was a great turnout. It was nice and warm in the hall as the rain had started at about 11:00 on Friday night and it did not stop until about 1:00 last night. Constant good rain which we need very badly. I have also been trying to get over a head cold this week and my throat is still a bit sore.

I also tried to knit a new jumper for Isabelle yesterday with some Debbie Bliss cotton but it came up a bit loose looking so now I have changed the cotton to another Spotlight cotton that I bought a while ago. It is bright pink Cottone cotton which I like and had already used before. I have been reading some of the sewing blogs lately and they have been complaining about Spotlight fabrics and how disorganized they are. Well I do have to agree with that. I go to Spotlight to buy yarn sometimes, but I do like their new range of Rosewood needles so I bought some of those, but the place is usually a mess and you cannot find what you want. The fabric selection is not that great either, but sometimes you find something that you like. The Cloud yarn that I used for this little jumper came from there and was only $3.00 a ball so that was a good bargain and I had not used it before. I also have some in the blue colorway and a cream with colors through it. At Spotlight I wait for new products like when they bought Cara Mia yarn out, but they had a swatch knitted up in a nice blue colorway but they only had 4 colors which were red, charcoal, green, and apricot. I bought what I wanted and asked about the blue and they replied that they only what they had been sent. I was so annoyed as I really wanted the blue, and it would seem that they never got it either as there have never been any other colors added to the selection even though they had the tags put up for other colors.

Well I have whinged enough about Spotlight so I must go and wrap up the baby jumper and maybe do some more of Paul's jumper. It is growing I swear. More piccies tomorrow.


ferg said...

I think Spotlight deserve whinging about. My favourite Spotlight is the old Sydney Road one but all the new ones I've been to haven't a patch on it.
I love Rathdown Remnants in North Carlton for fabric. Such wonderful bargains as long as you don't go in with fixed ideas.
Cheers Gillian

Amelia said...

I love the look of that little top and seeing how much little girls like pink, I am sure this sweater will be well loved.

Anonymous said...

The pink top looks great. That is a great DB pattern. It looks good for a boy or a girl. I know what you mean about knitting and children. I usually knit in the evenings after she has gone to bed. But she keeps going to bed later and later.
My husband took her to the cinema yesterday = hours of uninterupted knitting.

Samantha said...

Sue, I just got your message -- I'd love it if you could knit me a square for Annette's blanket if you have the time. :) Email me at milotis78 AT rogers DOT com and I'll will tell you where to send the square. :)