Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Too Much

I just came back from the Interweave Knits website for their Fall 2006. There are some really nice knits in there. I think that my subscription has just expired so I think a renewal will be due by now. Some of the knits that I really liked are the Sienna cardigan, Weekend Pullover, Breton jacket, Wonderlust hoodie, and Gatsby Girl pullover. I think that the wonderlust hoodie would have to be my absolute favourite one to make at the moment. Now I will be stalking the newsagency to see when it arrives. Anticipation is annoying sometimes when you would just like it right now! By the way thank you all for your lovely comments on Isabelle's top. I actually read them all to her and she loved them, so thank you very much.

Well onto other wonderful things. I actually got to visit with Gillian and her husband Robert in Bacchus Marsh yesterday. Gillian is actually going to try to sell some of my baby hats at her stall on Thursday. I really do not know how well they will sell, or if at all. A bit nervewracking I think, but Gillian sells lots of her jams and chutneys so I am hoping that some of those customers would like a baby hat for a friend or for their own. Once again Gillian thank you for offering to sell them for me. It is very much appreciated I assure you. I actually made Gillian a nice little knitting bag as a gift but I forgot to take a picture of it. I loved the fabric when I saw it and thought of Gillian as she really does love her garden.

After my little visit I popped into a new bakery in the Main Street and bought some yummy loaves of bread to take home. I will have to go back there to get some more I think. Very nice and soft. I also popped into the local wool shop since I had not been there for quite a while. I bought some balls of wool called Patons County, not Country like I thought it was. It is a very nice soft tweedy yarn. I only bought 2 balls, which was very restrained for me. They are a nice yellow/mustard color and a reddish copper color. Maybe more little hats I think. I also knitted some more on the front of Paul's jumper last night. The front is growing but very slowly. I will be glad when it is finished.

On the weekend is the quilt in for my sister's quilting group called The Willows. It is at the Civic Centre in Melton on Saturday. Mum and I usually go as it nice to see what everyone is making. Last year it was on at the same time as the Bendigo Show and we got there late and the little place they had booked was too crowded to stay. This year it is a much bigger venue. Some of the work is amazing and there will be a guest speaker too. Do not ask me what her name is this time as I have completely forgotten. I will try and take my camera and see if I am alllowed to take some photos. I am taking my knitting which is easier than sewing and I am going to try and finish the hood on the baby hoodie which is still going. Then I will only have 2 sleeves to do and I will be able to post it off. I think after that a few UFO's are going to be finished up so that I can clear the sidebar a little bit. I am expecting some books in a few weeks so I really want to be able to start some new things too which are a bit different from what I am making now. So that is all for now. I must do some housework before I take Isabelle to kindergarten after lunch. Ah some free time is nice even if it is only 3 hours. Have a nice day everybody.


Noeysmommy said...

I looked at the Interweave stuff too. Can't wait for it to come in the mail! Good luck with your baby hats. I'm sure they will sell....you do such a beautiful job on them!

Heather said...

I agree with your choices in the new IK...it's a good issue this time out!