Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tuesday 25th July

On Sunday Isabelle and I went for a drive to Kyneton to visit at Meskills Woolworks. They are in the old Butter Factory 96 Piper Street, Kyneton, if anybody would like to visit them. They breed their own sheep and dye their own yarns. They do send out yarn sample cards as well. I actually went there to purchase some of their woollen underlay blankets for the kid's beds. They are so thick and soft and you can just put them in the washing machine and they fluff right back up again. We have one on our bed too. They also make ugg boots and undergarments, sock yarn, and socks, and a few other things too. I could not help myself when I saw some different yarns there that I had not seen before. On the left above is the yarn I bought for a cardigan which I am going to knit. They had one already made in the shop in the same colors, and since I love green I could not help myself, so I had to buy the yarn for it. I am waiting on the pattern to come in the mail as the owner's son could not find it anywhere on Sunday. I called the shop yesterday and the owner is sending it to me in the mail. It is a free pattern and I loved the stripes in it. Anyway, apart from being sidetracked the green yarn is their normal 8 ply pure wool, and the other is Touch Yarns Alpine Mohair, Super Fine Kid Mohair which they import from New Zealand. It is so soft and the colors are gorgeous.

On the left is a skein of their natural 8 ply yarn with green mixed through it. I also bought my mum a skein of it, but with blue through it. It is a 1 kilo skein and they cost $35.00 which I thought was a bargain. And on the right is the wool that I bought to make Lachlan a jacket. It is actually called slate and looks a bit bright in the picture. Blues never show up properly on my screen for some reason. I bought 2 packets so I will have some left over for another garment.
After I had bought all my purchases Isabelle and I drove back home to see all the thunderclouds above Melbourne waiting to greet us. At least it was nice and cozy in the car. When we got home it was pouring with rain and so black, it seemed like it was nearly nighttime already. I dropped mum's yarn off to her and headed off home. Isabelle and I must have caught a bug because for the rest of the day and yesterday we did not feel well, sort of a nauseous off balance sort of thing. I am hoping it is gone now. Paul seemed to think that I was stressing about Lachlan too much but Isabelle had it too so I don't think it was caused by that.

Last night I actually started to feel a bit better so I finished up the last sleeve on Isabelle's jumper and put it on her this morning so I could take a photo. It is so foggy outside that we can't see past the front fence, so the photo is a bit dark. It is hard to photo the cables on the cuffs and the edging too, but it fits perfectly.

I am hoping that my cardigan pattern comes in the mail today so that I can start on that, and also do some more on Paul's jumper as well.

By the way, Paul and I appreciate all of the wonderful and helpful comments from you all about Lachlan. You bloggers are so great and it really does feel like hearing from a friend when you feel depressed and frustrated about it, so thank you all for your wonderful advice and encouraging comments. Hopefully things will improve.


lorinda said...

Sigh, what beautiful yarn! Your daughter's jumper is just lovely (as is she). Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm putting your name in the pot for the yarn!

ferg said...

This is my third attempt to leave a message. My computer is playing up,
Hope you are feeling better.
We've made alot of jars of stuff.
Lime curry pickle
Kashmir Chutney
Gherkin Relish
Dried Apricot and Almond Jam
There's berry jam and lemon butter to go yet.
I have knitted half of the back of the new Cardi.
Cheers Gillian

Kendra said...

The yarn is so beautiful, especially the one you are planning to knit the cardigan out of.

Your daughter looks so sweet in her new jumper.

Donna said...

Isabelle's jumper looks great! I'd love to visit Meskills, it sounds wonderful.