Thursday, July 27, 2006

Stripes, and more Stripes

My sickness turned into a head cold yesterday, and I sort of felt like my head had been hit with a hammer, but after a few Panadol I started feeling a bit better. Since I could not sleep after Paul left for work at 5:30am I decided to stay up and start some knitting. On the left is the progress of my stripey cardigan. It is so easy and the darker color is just plain garter stitch rows and the light green is stocking stitch. This is knit up on size 5mm needles so it should not take too long. The pattern is only 32 rows and this is the first repeat which I finished last night.

I also started the Garter Stitch Jacket from Moda Issue 7, Pattern 9. I am making this for my friend's daughter, Hannah, who turns 1 at the end of August, and I still have not had a chance to visit with her. I could have on Monday, but no my sickness turned into a head cold, so I have been running around with tissues in my pockets trying to clear my nasal passages and downing the Panadol tablets to alleviate the headache that goes with it. At least the nauseous dizzy feeling has subsided now, so that makes me able to knit. This is the back piece which I started yesterday and finished last night. I am making the 12 mth size so it should fit her for quite a while. At least the colors are turning out today in the pictures. We are supposed to be having a 17 degree day but so far it is overcast and gray again. We even got some rain last night, which we desperately need, so my garden should be happy. At least my pictures turned out better than when there is sunshine so maybe I need to take them when there is no sun out. I also ordered my yarn from Bendigo Woollen Mills for my Central Park Hoodie, since I received the magazine on Tuesday. It looks like an easy knit. I cant start it until September, so I should be able to finish up these two cardigans by then. Well I will have to finish one by then won't I. I will have to finish up some more squares for Annette's blanket, which Samantha is making . I have completed one square but would like to make some more, and to reduce my stash. I think it has started overflowing and you know that feeling when you look at it and think my goodness I will need to be 110 to knit all this up, well that is how I feel at the moment. I need to learn to knit faster, or make more hours in the day to be able to knit it all.

And lastly, but not least here is a picture of some slippers that my mum knitted up for Isabelle on Sunday. They only took her about an hour to knit up, and now she is making some for Lachlan in black. He specified that he did not want any other color so poor mum will need to knit them during the day. She has probably finished them by now. The colors are actually a bright purple on top similar to this writing, and a lovely lighter purple on the bottom. Isabelle likes wearing them, and she said they are very comfortable. Well that is all for now, so I had better go and do some more knitting.


Donni said...

Maybe you caught it via me - I did the Codral soldiering on thing

lorinda said...

Get well soon! You are a speedy knitter, and I love the new stripey cardi. Beautiful colors.

Diana said...

Welcome to the Knitting Path! Both cardi's are cute.