Monday, August 14, 2006

Corners of my house

This is my sewing corner which is situated in the front lounge room at the moment. It will eventually be put into the study one day when I pack up Isabelle's barbie house. She never seems to play with it much but as soon as I mention about packing it up, she decides to play with it for half an hour. I have just finished sewing the sewing machine cover. It is supposed to be in stripes with a flower embroidery on the front. I will do one properly one day, but now for the time being it is just plain. In the little cupboard which has lavender painted on it, are my sewing patterns and kits, some of which have been done, and a lot of which have not. The desk used to be Paul's dad's when he was alive, so I really do not want to get rid of it. Maybe one day I will give it a coat of paint and fix it up a bit. It really is quite handy having the machine out like this as it does encourage me to do some sewing when I cannot be bothered with some of my knitting projects. I also keep the little SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) bear there which I bought a few years ago. They really are cute, and I also buy the ones that they sell for cancer too.

Speaking of knitting projects, I have nearly finished the left front of the Twist cardigan. I am also halfway through the collar of Paul's jumper so things are progressing well. I also plan to go through my stash to find some nice green yarn to knit up the next square for Annette's blanket, and then off they will go to Samantha. I cannot wait to see the blanket when it is all finished. Quite a few people have knitted squares so far. I am also going to find a nice pattern to do some socks. Mum just finished knitting her second pair which turned out quite nice, so now I am getting the urge to knit some more. I have quite a bit of sock yarn so I will look in my sock book today and decide on a pattern to suit the yarn. The Nancy Bush books have quite a few nice ones so maybe one of those. I hope you all have a lovely day with lots of knitting!

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Noeysmommy said...

I like your sewing machine cover. Pretty fabric. I need to make one of those.