Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sorry I have not posted for a few days. I have been trying to catch up on some mental rest since having Isabelle's birthday. She is at my dad's at the moment helping him put his new budgies in the cage. One died the other day, and Paul's uncle breeds and sells them, so we went down to Bacchus Marsh to pick some new ones out. He got a nice green and yellow one and a blue one. I do not know what their names are yet. Isabelle has had a busy week. She lost her second tooth on Tuesday whilst eating lunch. Hopefully she keeps the others for a lot longer. We had to go to buy her another beanie teddy bear on Tuesday. Unfortunately for Isabelle, she had left her 3 favourite toys on her playhouse outside, and did not realise until about 8:00 pm that they were still out there, so Paul wandered out looking for them. He found two of them, but I am afraid that our dog Jake had become quite fond of Isabelle's pink teddy bear and had ripped its insides out and torn off a leg. I tried to hide it in the rubbish bin, and Isabelle was quite distraught about it, so I told her we would replace it, but she was not to take any more toys outside that Jake would ruin. The next morning she went outside, and popped her head in the side door and casually showed me the teddy's leg that she had found. It was covered in mud like the rest of the bear had been, so we put that inside the rubbish bin too. When it was time to get another one though she admitted that she did not want the same one, so instead got a rainbow colored one. Maybe the pink one reminded her of what had happened to the first one. I took this picture of Jake the next day, waiting for me to give him a pat and get his ball for him. Even though he was naughty about ripping up the bear, he is still a sweetie.
So onto the knitting for today. I have actually started knitting Twist which is Bonne Marie Burns pattern from Chicknits. It is really a nice and simple pattern, and so far I have nearly finished the back. I started it on Tuesday so that's not too bad. When I do the fronts I will take a picture so it wont be all just boring stocking stitch.
I also received my copy of Barefoot Knits from the States the other day too. I am going to make Isabelle the items on the front of the cover which are pictured. They are quite cute and go up in size to about 10 years old I think. There are also little dresses and some boys clothes in it too. Just need to find some Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece now.

The mailman also dropped this in the letterbox today. The Interweave Knits mag, which has some nice patterns in it. I really like this, the Sienna Cardigan by Ann Smith. It looks nice and simple. Maybe this will go on the list for future lists. I do not even want to look at that list, it will be like a list to Santa from my kids I think. So that is all for now, hopefully an update by the weekend, and some more knitted squares to show, and ready to send off. Hope you all have a great knitting day!


jane said...

My husband and I are trying to figure this out...what's a budgie??? Jane

Samantha said...

Twist is a great pattern!

I can't wait to hear what the Budgie's names are. I have two Budgies myself. They are named Skyla and Sunny. Skyla is 7 and Sunny is 3. They are best buds. We just bought them a new, larger cage so they can fly around a bit better. We let them out on occasion, but they are much happier viewing the world from the security of their home. :)

Anonymous said...

jake is a cool dog, you can't be angry with him for long.
My mother an I also fell in love with the Sienna Cardigan. Hopefully I have some similiar yarn in my stash. My daughter wants me to knit a lot from the Barefoot knit book. Almost all of the girls clothes!

ferg said...

Well, Robert and I did laugh about Jane's lovely budgie comment. When my sister came out to visit from England, many years ago, some friends asked if she would like to come round and see their chooks. We both said "Oh, Yes Please" and then on the way home to my place she said to me..."What are Chooks?"
Okay Jane! there's another for you to sort out.
Thankyou Sue for your lovely comments about my links but I haven't done anything new for ages and the effects are the result of the site I have linked to.
Hope all the budgies are doing well
Cheers Gillian