Monday, August 28, 2006

Feeling Much Better

Thanks for your enquiries as to my awful bug that I seem to have had for about a week now. I am starting to feel much better, of course with the help of a "nana nap" in the afternoons to tide me over with my lack of energy. I have been knitting too though, a little bit here and there and hopefully by the end of today I may have an FO, if not maybe tomorrow. I am trying to get a fair bit of knitting in so I can start my new project on Friday, so exciting but I still cannot get that button onto my sidebar. Hopefully I will receive some assistance today with it. Cross fingers! I have also received some Cotton Fleece from Meaghan so that I can try it out in the Ruffled Skirt from Barefoot Knits. If it knits up okay, I may order some other colors, and hopefully Meaghan will stock it in her online store. I am hoping to start using it soon so I will let you all know what its like. It feels quite soft in the skein, but I'll see how it knits up. I will be busy this week as Lachlan has been in trouble again at school so is being kept home for 4 days, so there will be a lot of schoolwork done, and Paul is hopefully going to be able to take him to work with him for 1 day and make him realise just how hard it is to have a job instead of being educated at school. Hopefully things will settle down, and if not we have further measures in place that we need to do to sort out his behaviour problems. Well enough complaining from me, I thought I would post a little pic of Meggie that Lachlan took the other day. She is such a gorgeous cat, I love her to bits. She will be 8 years old in October and is still going strong. She has gotten a bit chubbier this year but I think maybe its just age. She is still my favourite kitty, even though I love the other kitties too. I hope you all have a lovely knitting day!

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Yuli said...

Glad to hear that you're feeling better.

Hope Lachlan will understand how important education is after having some real life working experience.

Oh, little Meggie is just adorable!