Friday, August 25, 2006

How I love green yarn

Rowan 8 ply in color Catkin and Rowan 4 ply in Sugar. Isabelle of course loves the sugar color, and I absolutely love the green. It is not as dull as in the photo, but you should know by now what my camera is like. The green arrived today and the pink arrived yesterday. I am sure that the delivery man is wondering what I am buying since he has been dropping them off so much lately, and Paul knows him personally too. There are 10 balls of each color, and the green I want to use for an old fashioned moss and cable jacket for Isabelle. Of course she said she doesnt want a green one, but I will see what happens. Thank you all so much for your comments on my lovely blue cottons too. I really like the colors. I showed mum them yesterday and she quite liked them too.

I would also like to thank you all for your comments asking about my headaches. Yes the headaches disappeared on Tuesday morning, but I am still running off to the toilet a bit, and I take medication for anxiety, and I think that going to the toilet so much is not helping with this as I think the medication is just going straight through my system, and of course now I have been feeling all panicky and anxious, not all the time but on and off which does not make you feel really good, and then of course makes me rush off to the toilet again. I am seeing my doctor on the 7th about some other things and for Isabelle to get her needle (which will not be fun) so I will get her to make sure that this bug has truly gone by then. I dont like feeling anxious and panicky. My doctor is very good, but she is so busy you have to book in 2 weeks beforehand just to see her, hence why I went to another surgery when I felt so sick, and of course ended up being worse than I was with the addition of a headache. I am hoping by the weekend that this anxiety settles down because I have to take Isabelle to a party tomorrow, and I do not want to be rushing off every half hour to the toilet. Sorry if I offend anyone with the image of me rushing off to the toilet every 30 minutes, but I am sure there are worse.

Now after all that information that you really did not want to know about me, I managed to catch up with Gillian yesterday. She needed some help with her sidebar, and I see that by the time I managed to get home that she had already done it. I also popped into Paul's nana's to buy some more budgies for Dad, which is his Father's Day present. We have Father's Day here on the 3rd of September, so I usually struggle with what to buy for him. His other budgie passed away the next day after he got the other two, and we seem to think that since they were inside for so long, that the cold weather and the outside might have shocked them. I know that I would not want to be sleeping outside in the cold. So now he has a birght yellow budgie called Sunny, and a white budgie with black feathers on its wing called Ash. The other two I do not know what names they decided on, but I will try and take a photo of them some time soon. Now all I have to do is find something really good for Paul for Father's Day for the kids to give to him. He has actually gone to kinder with Isabelle this morning to do kindergarten duty, so he should have fun. I think his mum is going to try and pop in to see her as well. She is travelling a lot at the moment, so we dont really see much of her. So that is all for now, sorry for the long whinge about being sick, I just want to feel normal again. I had better go and finish knitting the sleeve to Paul's jumper. I have just about finished the first one, and then I only one more to go. That collar on his jumper used 3 balls of wool, 233 stitches of double rib which took a really long time to knit, and I did a few rows here and there and then decided to just finish it. I am so glad that it fit perfectly into the neckline, there was no way I was going to rip out that much knitting if it didnt. So I hope you all have a lovely day doing what you love!


ferg said...

I do hope you are feeling 100% soon.
Thanks for the sidebar stuff. I feel much less amateur now and I joined a food blog ring too and managed to get the button up myself.
That greeen looks absolutely lovely. I think you and I have very close tastes in greens.
Kitty has stopped trying to eat her tail and is well on her way through the antibiotics.
Cheers Gillian

Rachael said...

About the needles for Isabelle, go to the chemist and get some EMLA cream to pop on her upper arms, on both sides. Put this on an hour before her needle is due. It's a local aneasethetic. Hope this helps.
Sorry to hear you're not feeling 100% hope you get better soon.
That yarn looks gorgeous!