Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Swap Pressie Arrived

My mailman dropped off 2 parcels yesterday, one of which was from Karyn in sunny California. She had sent me two patterns for Isabelle, which were greatly appreciated and will be knit up in the near future. She also included a ball of Magic Stripes yarn in one of my favourite colors, and some little lollies called Smarties, which look nothing like our Smarties here in Australia, but I will be sure to send her some of ours to try out in the near future. Thank you so much Karyn for the pressies, and I hope that you receive yours soon. It made me feel much better as I have been suffering from a severe headache, and after reading the notes on the medicine that the doctor gave me, I think my headache and other symptoms were from the medicine. Since not taking any my headache has begun to subside, even though I still feel a bit wonky from having it for so long.

The other parcel was from Crochet Australia. I looked on their website and found some cotton that I had not seen before but it looked very nice, and since I have it I can say that it is very soft. I chose 3 different colors, but I do not have it next to me to say what they are but their website makes it easy to choose anyway. I am thinking maybe some hats or socks to make with this, or something else. It will go into the little (rather large really) stash box for now until I decide. So I hope that you all have a great knitting day or night!


Samantha said...

Hooray for the posties! I love it when stuff like that comes in the mail. :)

Congrats on the new baby neighbour. :)

Yuli said...

Nice blue yarns!
Hope you're feeling better now.

ferg said...

Hope your headache clears up. Thanks for the offer to visit tomorrow and help with my sidebar. I really appreciate it and will see you then.
Cheers Gillian

Kyra said...

Is your headache gone now? You need a clear head to make all those knitted goodies. The yarns just look amazing. In my part of the world, nobody does knitting anymore.

NattyChick said...

Ooooh, that definitely looks good, that cotton. I will have to venture over and take a look myself. Love the fabric too. I notice you're in Melton. I am not far from there - do you have any yarn shops there?

Becky said...

I hope that you're feeling better! Headaches are no fun :-(