Monday, August 21, 2006

Happy News

We just found out yesterday that we have a brand new neighbour after waiting for 9 months. Welcome to the world Rory Kate weighing in just over 6 pounds. I am sure she will be gorgeous just like her big sister. Isabelle was so excited that she wanted to see her straight away, but had to explain that mummies need to rest for a while before being barraged by the neighbours. By the way, the black and white photo of Isabelle is a picture that I took last week, when I was trying out the other functions on my camera. I have not really sat there and tried to figure out the best ways to take pictures of the things that I make, so I thought if I could get the pictures to look better it would help me out a bit. I still have not mastered that overpowering blue that seems to appear in my photos though, which is a bit annoying. I quite like black and white photos, they seem to have that old fashioned look about them which I love.
So since I have been waffling on (which Paul says I do a lot by the way) I thought I would show you the fabric that I managed to pick up on Saturday. Paul was working in Beaumaris, and had told me about a little post office that was also a quilt shop. How nice of him to notice for me, so of course Isabelle and I decided to travel to work with him and I had to check out the little store which was called Stitchin Post. Very cute shop, and lots and lots of beautiful fabrics. I only bought a few from the discounted shelf, and 2 fat quarters. I just noticed that I bought my favourite colors, yellow, blue and green. I am sure I can make some nice Christmas pressies out of them. Now going to Beaumaris to see the shop was not the only reason I went to work with Paul, I also finally got to meet Hannah, for about 10 minutes before she had her nap. I gave her mum the birthday cardi and hat I had made for her 1st birthday, and then we got to chat for about an hour before having to go home. Isabelle had a play with Bianca too before she had her ballet lessons, so then she went outside and played in the cubby house. It was a nice visit, not long enough, but we are hoping to catch up on the next school holidays in September which should be fun. I am glad that this weekend is over though as yesterday was a visit to the doctor with a stomach bug which he thought I had picked up from something I had eaten. I should be better by the end of the week, but at least the stomach cramps and dizziness have stopped. I should really go and catch up on my Monday morning housework, which involves laundry and vcacuuming and all the fun stuff such as toilet cleaning and washing of the floors, the jobs that I really dont like doing but have to do! Hope you all have a lovely day.

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Corrie said...

oh hope you are feeling better soon! must check out that store next time in melbourne - hubby's mum lives in mentone so super close!