Thursday, August 3, 2006

Isabelle's first tooth

has just fallen out. Can you see it at the bottom! She was eating a punnet of strawberries and then she handed me something. At first I thought it was a hard bit of strawberry, but then realised that it was her tooth. I tried to take a picture of the little gap that her tiny tooth left. She is all excited now waiting for the tooth fairy to visit her tonight, and then her kindergarten party tomorrow. Either she will go to bed really early tonight or not want to go to bed at all because she will be so excited. I am hoping that it is the first so I can do some preparation for tomorrow. Luckily the McDonald's party are well organized and I do not have to take anything but lolly bags. On Sunday we will have a nice BBQ lunch and cake for our families. I will soon have another FO to show you, just doing the last part now, and I have nearly finished reknitting the back of Paul's jumper, only about 60 rows to do, which includes the neck and shoulder shapings. Well I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Rachael said...

Happy Birthday to Isabelle! We are still waiting for Parker's first tooth to fall out, and he turned 6 on Tuesday, none of them are even wiggly!

Looks like you had fun at the craft fair. I noticed that even though we have the same fairs, we don't have all the same stalls, I must plan my visits back home to coincide with the fairs down there!

Momo said...

Aw, your Isabelle is a cutie! Children that age are such a joy.

My you've gotten some neat knitting books lately. Some of the projects that I have seen from Knitting Nature are spectcular.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

ferg said...

Thanks for the lemons. I must give you something for your kind neighbour. Please can you find out what she might like.
Keep sane this weekend,
Cheers Gillian

Yuli said...

How lucky that it was a painless loss of her tooth! I had lot of painful memories with my tooth removals.
Have fun at the party!

insaknitty said...

hi! found you thru the knitting blog ring - had to click on your link since my name is also sue (well, susan). :) how crazy is it that my daughter's name is isabel? and I'm a knitter? heehee. anyway, happy birthday to isabelle and happy knitting to you! :)

Lolly said...

Lucky girl! painless tooth loss and a visit from the tooth fairy! :)